Furniture for a Modern Contemporary Home Interior Design  



A modern and contemporary home interior design is ideal for those who like minimalism. To succeed in this project, it is important to know and understand the concept of modern contemporary interior design.


We all have our own ideas on how our house should look like, the design, the furniture and décor to have, the wall paint color, the lighting, etc. Magazines and websites about interior home decorating offers plenty of ideas but the overall look of your home will still depend largely on your design personality and sensibility. Thus, a practical homeowner will have a different interior design from that of a romantic person. Likewise, a person who prefers a clean and simple look would opt to have a modern home design.


A modern and contemporary theme in the home does not only consist of having minimalistic modern furniture, retrained colors and monochromatic color patterns. Read on and find out the techniques on how to create a modern contemporary theme using LA modern furniture.


To adopt a modern and contemporary theme in your home, you will need to be sensible in your choice of colors. You should have modern furniture with minimal décor. The balanced aspect of this home design makes the home visually pleasing to the eyes. Incorporating modern eco-friendly materials in the interior design would further enhance a modern and contemporary look. Although neutral colors are evident in a modern contemporary home interior design, warm, bright and earthy colors are added to make the room visually interesting.


A modern and contemporary theme uses very simple furniture with an awe-inspiring design. The traditional furniture styles with ornate carvings, antique or Victorian furniture are a big no-no in modern contemporary home interior design. Modern furniture is the most commonly used. Modern furniture design is characterized by its size, functionality, simplicity and neutral colors with a dash of bright colors. It features straight and clean lines and is made of chrome, steel or wood or a combination of these materials. Upholstery can either be leather or fabric in one color or patterned. The tacky, small or elaborate prints are ditched in a modern and contemporary design theme.


A Modern Contemporary Bedroom

Give your bedroom a roomy look by using monochromatic colors like black and white. The bedroom furniture should not be too big and must have a simple design. A platform bed is the ideal choice for a contemporary bedroom. To make your bedroom stylish, choose a bed with a leather upholstered headboard…


Or a padded headboard with lights…


Or a bed with light…


Or an eco-leather upholstered bed with sleek wavy lines


A Modern Contemporary Living Room

To have a modern interior design in your living room, incorporate contemporary living room furniture in groups. Choose sofas with white upholstery and add spice by incorporating throw pillows in bright colors or sofas with steel or chrome legs.


Add a sleek coffee table,…


modular end table,


Modern floor lamps….


Abstract paintings or…


wall art….




to get a modern contemporary living room design.


Avoid putting in too many furniture pieces or décor, remember a clutter-free look is the essence of a modern and contemporary home interior design.

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