Hints for Setting up Your Office Desk to Avoid Clutter

Office furniture is important to have a business that is running smoothly. Contributing to the success of your business is a clutter free and organized office desk. This will also lessen the stress and maximize productivity as the needed items are easy to find.

An unprofessional and bad business image is formed upon seeing a cluttered office desk. Customers and clients create their impression of how productive you are upon seeing your office particularly your desk. Most office executive and managers were said to spend around six weeks looking for documents as published by The Wall Street Journal. A messy desk creates an inefficient and disorganized person and this is a bad impression in any kind of business.

Picking the right office desk can get rid of the clutter. A good office desk presents good features such as adequate number of drawers or shelves to store your items. However, it does not stop there, as you also need to make sure that your drawers are tidy. You cannot just keep your things and office stuff inside the drawers or shelves. You must keep a systematic and organized method in keeping them. Put plastic trays with dividers in the drawers to separate small items like pens, pencils, markers, paper clips, staple wires, etc.

Assign a specific drawer or shelf for every item. One drawer can be assigned to things that you regularly use. Another can be assigned to office supplies like folders, papers, etc. Another can be assigned for file but choose a bigger drawer for these. When filing, label them appropriately and do it alphabetically.

Have a trash can under your office desk. Throw unwanted papers, used-up pens, old notes and memos and answered messages immediately. Do not stack them up as this will only leave piles and piles of stuff on your desk.

Regularly file your documents. You can allot 10 minutes before you go home to file all the needed papers. Do not leave the folders on top of your desk without putting them back where they belong. If you are not that busy, return them as soon as you are finished. Have a filing cabinet under your desk or one that is located just at your back. Ensure to have at least a 4-drawer file cabinet to have adequate storage. Have an incoming and outgoing tray on your desk and label each tray. This will help you to keep documents organized so it will be easier to decipher what and where to put them.

Buy a functional desk organizer. This is a great tool to put order on your desk top. Choose one that provides spaces for every bit of office items. Some even provide a calendar and time.

Do not leave the office without tidying your desk. Fifteen to ten minutes is more than enough to keep it clean. Put everything in their proper places. Remove used cups or mugs on your table.

A clean office desk will make your day better compared to a cluttered office desk. With chaos on top of your desk every morning, you are readily faced with stress even if you have just arrived in the office.

Modern office furniture has been made to be more functional and comfortable. It helps every worker to finish work easily while at the same time removing the stress involved.

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