How do You Choose Dining Chairs?


When choosing dining chairs, you need to consider the style and its comfort level. Style, that will reflect your style and personality and because you want the dining room to look good. The comfort level, because people need to feel comfortable when eating and enjoying conversations. You also need to choose from a range of designs, materials, and colors.


Think of the Style. Do you like the ageless, traditional chairs? Or prefer the sleek lines of contemporary chairs? Or favor the simple, clean lines of modern chairs? Picture the kind of style that would look best in your dining room before purchasing a set of dining chairs. It is more likely to buy dining chairs that match your dining table and the rest of your dining room furniture.

You need to think about of whether choosing dining chairs with arms or armless dining chairs.


Armless dining chairs do not take up much space physically and visually unlike those with arms.


There are also dining chairs with backrest and..


open back dining chairs.


Examine the angles of the back, arms, legs, and seats. Decide which would look good in your dining room and around the dining table. The size of the dining room should also be considered. These aspects about style will all depend on your decorating style and space.

Think of the Material. Dining chairs are made of different materials. Of course, wood is still the most used material, particularly for the traditional chairs. Although you can find modern and contemporary dining chairs made of wood, you can see a combination of wood and leather or fabric upholstery, metal or chrome, acrylic, plastic, polypropylene, or wicker and rattan. When choosing the materials, ensure to pick the ones that will blend in with your dining room theme. Pick the material that will look good over a long period of time.


Upholstered dining chairs offer you the opportunity to have color and pattern for a richer effect.


  • Wood dining chairs offer versatility and come in a variety of styles and finishes.
  • Metal chairs are either polished or coated. Acrylic dining chairs are ideal for small and modern dining rooms.
  • Wicker or rattan dining chairs offer style and texture.


Or choose dining chairs that are made of a mixture of any of these materials.


Think of the color. The color should blend in with the colors that you have in the dining room. You may inject a different color as long as it does not create a big contrast that will make your dining room look absurd.


Think of the comfort-ability. One of the factors to think about when choosing the comfort-ability of your dining chairs is the people who will use it. There is no doubt that wood dining chairs are elegant, but children would prefer chairs that are upholstered.


Leather upholstered dining chairs are comfortable and stylish.

medford_ch_02_dsc_9358Even the modern fabric upholstered dining chairs are comfortable because of the variety of smooth and soft fabric used these days. Some would prefer upholstered seats and backs while upholstered seats are enough with other people.



Think of the ease of maintenance. Maintenance is another thing, especially with children around the home. Spills are inevitable, so if you have kids choose dining chairs that are tough on these accidental spills but still offers a high degree of comfort.


Think of the Height. Whether you choose armless dining chairs or with arms, you should be able to slide the chairs under the table with ease. They should also have adequate lap and leg room when seated. The usual height of dining chairs is 18 inches from the floor to the seat. The dining chair height will depend on the height of your dining table. The general rule is to –


  • have at least 12 inches between the seat and the dining table top
  • have at least 7 inches between the dining chair arm and the apron of the dining table.

Think of the Width. The average width of dining chairs is 16 to 20 inches. Observe a 6-inch distance between the chairs to avoid banging each other’s elbows. There should also be sufficient space behind the chair to allow ease of movement when pulling it out from the table. The general rule here is to have –


  • Each person should have 24 to 30 inches at the dining table
  • Add an extra 12 inches for each person seated at the head and foot of a rectangular table
  • Have at least 36 inches between the walls or furniture and the dining table


Think of the Quality. Choose dining chairs that are sturdy structurally. The back, arms, and legs should not move or sway. Sit on the chair to know its comfort level. When choosing wood dining chairs, examine how the pieces are fastened or glued together. Remember not to sacrifice the quality over the price.


Purchasing dining chairs from a reliable modern furniture store gives you the guarantee of getting the best based on the criteria mentioned above. See you on my next post as I give you another exciting topic about dining room decoration tips.




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