How to Appropriately Install Lights in your Living Room

To complete the ambiance that you wanted in your living room, you need to carefully plan on how to appropriately install lights. The light will enliven your living room and thus will get anybody’s attention. So how do you do this? Do you need to hire an interior designer for this job?

Well, you can hire an interior designer, of course, provided your budget will allow it. But if you cannot, then you need to do it yourself. Here are simple steps which you can adapt to properly mount your living room lights.

First, you need to get your living room plan and decide on how you will break up the areas as well as where to position your furniture. It will be better if you can have one or two sources of light and then have different lamps in areas where it is needed. So, take a paper and sketch your living room putting red marks on where you want to place your furniture and another mark or shape (like a circle) to represent the areas where you want the lights to be mounted and maybe a rectangle for the switches. Switches must be installed in different areas for accessibility. However, it is prudent that the switch be situated near the front door and must be the switch for getting the brilliant illumination. A switch must be assigned to every light that you will put in.

Every angle of your living room must have illumination. But mind you, do not just mount any light; see to it that it matches the furniture, too. If you are wondering about the purpose of these corner lights, well, it is to help you in your search for small but important stuff.

Ensure to install an all-purpose light that will engulf the whole living room. You do not want to be in the dark when the family gathers together for a board game, do you? Lights that can give this wide illumination are floor lamps with halogen bulbs.

Your living room sofas and armchairs must be illuminated also. Make use of a table lamp or floor lamp, where you can adjust the brightness, for this purpose.

If you have a private nook intended for reading within your living room, install universal light that give off a soft glow.

Lamps can also be placed close to your television set but this should emit a soft shaft of light.

Decorative pieces like paintings or sculptures must be given additional lighting and this is where a spotlight can be of use.

Install lights if the door of your living room is facing the street. Put in lights that emit affectionate and soft rays of illumination.

Adapting the above steps will help you achieve the mood that you want your living room to exude. Soft beams of light emanate calmness whereas intense radiance emits liveliness. Lights that hurt the eyes are not a good choice.

Table or floor lamps that give off a gentle glow produce warm, inviting and engaging results.

As I have mentioned above, the appropriate installation of lights in your living room can unmake or make your living room. Furniture need not be too extravagant-looking; play it up with the lights.

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