How to Harmonize Colors and Modern Furniture in your Home Design



Design will not be complete without colors. With the proper balance of colors and modern furniture, you can bring out a new dimension in your home. With colors, your home can have an energizing or a warm and inviting appeal. Colors can make a room feel the way you want it to be.


Color wheels, color boards and other options were suggested to arrive at a good color combination in designing a, but it can somehow get complicated, particularly if you do not have an interior design background. There is an answer to this, though, as you only need to know what color size applies to what aspects or décor of the room. The color size refers to the large, medium and small ones.


Small colors are the colors we use to enhance the appeal in our rooms. This includes throw pillows, table runners, and other accessories. These colors are the easiest to choose and help you get started with the room design or experiment with an untried color.


Building a completely new color tale in a neutral color dominated space is as simple as changing some throw pillows. For example, adding some colorful pillows will provide a dash of warmth in a classic black and white space. Having bright colored flower on the coffee table or end table will also give the room a touch of affection.


Small colors produce bursts of color while the rest of the room becomes a backdrop. To have a considerable impact in a room, they frequently need to be layered or repeated somehow.


Medium colors are commonly found in furniture pieces, such as modern sectional sofas, sofa sets, bookshelves, modern dining tables, modern dining chairs, contemporary beds, chests and drawers, nightstands, chaise lounge, etc. These sizes of colors are a step higher than the small color sizes in two basic ways:


These colors need a deeper dedication than smaller colors. They are difficult to move or change. Replacing or reupholstering a sofa is more difficult than changing throw pillows, wall art or vases.


Medium colors have a bigger impact on the sense of a space. They create a more definite impact on the color tale of a room. They do not need to be frequently repeated or layered, but when they are, these colors produce a substantial effect.



The presence of black modern sofas, coffee table and entertainment center in a room with warm neutral tones of the walls and floors adopt a definitely moody air.  To give the black modern furniture a lift, use medium colors for area rugs or draperies and match them with a tone similar to your wall.



Large colors are set aside for real color loves. These colors are used in the parts of the room that define it, such as the ceilings, walls and floors. They are the biggest colors you need to commit in a room. The time, effort and approximate cost involved are huge, so you need to be sure with your choice to hit it correctly the first time.


The colors in these parts have the largest impact in your space. If you plan to use large colors in your ceilings, walls and floors, it is recommended to use small and medium colors sparingly, as they might not be needed.


So if you choose to have purple-painted ceilings, create contrast by painting your walls with white and use white stencil for your floors. The color white will boost your ceiling. Add a dash of repeated small colors in your wall art, throw pillows or vases. Choose medium colors for the coffee table, chairs and shelves to strengthen the neutral tones that define the other sections of the room.


Wood furniture, like entertainment center, coffee or end tables and shelves harmonize well with white painted walls. And together with white stenciled floors, you create good harmony in the room to turn the ceiling into one huge dash of color.


Creating balance with your color would be easy if you understand what color to emphasize and how to categorize them using modern furniture, accessories and furnishings.





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