How to Turn a Room into a Multifunctional Bedroom


Some people are lucky to live in a big house that has plenty of rooms. They even have a spare bedroom/s for overnight guests, but this does not mean you cannot accommodate friends for the night if you do not have a guest room. You can always create a multipurpose room that you can use and for occasional guests.


Here are a few tips to having a functional room that is also inviting and relaxing.


A Sofa Bed. Sofa beds can serve as seating furniture and a bed, depending on the need. Modern sofa beds are even more functional. Some feature end tables with storage near the armrest like the Risto Modern Sectional Sofa Bed, where it has everything you or your guest would need. A sofa to sit on, a bed to sleep on, an end table to put cups or glasses and storage for other items, such as books or magazines.


Other sofa bed features storage under the bed area where you can keep linens, pillow,s and drapes.


An Office Desk. Office desks have drawers to store papers, documents and other office supplies and items. An office desk is a good alternative if you do not have a spare vanity desk. In this way, your guest will have something to put on jewelry, perfume, makeup, or other personal hygiene items.


A Bookshelf. A wall type bookshelf is a good choice because it saves on space. It is a great addition in a multipurpose room because it show off décor, hold books, and other items to keep the room tidy and clean.


A Multipurpose End Table. This Edifice Modern Black Lacquer Magazine Rack does not only serve as a table to hold snacks or drinks, but it also has open shelves to contain books, magazines, and other stuff.  This table can also function as a nightstand.


A Chest of Drawers. A chest is another great addition to a multitasking room. Your guest will surely be delighted to have space to keep shirt, pants, underwear, etc. You can use the two last drawers to store extra linens, blankets, and drapes. The top is another space that can be used by your guests. To make the room warm and cozy, have a vase with flowers or a pot of plant on top of the chest.


A Mirror. Do not forget to hang a mirror in the room. You can place it above the office desk or the chest.


Painting or Wall Art. Give the room a touch of art by hanging a painting or wall art.


Lighting. Make sure to have different lighting in the room. You need a general light,


a table lamp…


or a floor lamp. The switch should be easy to reach so your guest will not have a hard time to turn it on or off, particularly if your guests are your elderly parents. Installing a dimmer switch would be great but make sure it can be used on all lighting fixtures. Install task lighting near the mirror, too.

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A Luggage Rack. If you do not have a piece of furniture for this purpose, settle on having a luggage rack to avoid your guest’s bags off the floor. You can fold it when the guests have left.


Ensure to clean or have the room cleaned before your guests arrive and remove unnecessary clutter or furniture to make the room feel homey and spacious. Dust off the mattress or better yet sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and leave it for the night, then vacuum the mattress on the following day. Put fresh and clean drapes, linens, pillows, and blankets.


One last reminder, provide a clock radio, a wastebasket, a notepad and pen, and facial tissues in the room.


When the guests have left, you can use the room to whatever purpose you want. It can be used as a private chat room or an exclusive play room for the family. Simple and easy, isn’t it? With a multifunctional room, you will never worry of having overnight guests or entertaining guests privately.

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