How to Protect Your Glass Table Top

Home decoration is a kind of art that is not known by everyone. Nevertheless, any person would want to modify the look of his home once in a while. Changing the decorations of your home may reflect the different mindset of the owner regardless if it is just a minor or a major modification. Repositioning the placement of your furniture can give your home a different appeal. Adding a new piece of furniture, like a glass top coffee or dining table, can likewise do the same.

Glass table top are made of tempered glass. It is sturdier than ordinary glass so they do not break easily. If you want to own a glass top dining table or coffee table but are having second thoughts, make use of rubber bumpers to prevent damaging the glass.

Rubber bumpers can be bought in any home improvement depots or stores. They are available in various colors and shapes. The size of your glass table top will determine the correct rubber bumper to buy. Colors vary from beige, brown, white, black, clear, blue, red, etc. Use clear rubber bumpers for clear glass top table. Some are stick-on, push-in, screw-on or rubber crutch bumper. Rubber bumpers have exceptional anti-skid properties that prevent your glass tops from sliding or falling.

Protecting your Glass Top Table with Rubber Bumpers

• The number of bumpers you will need will depend on the size and design of your table.

• You will need a glass cleaner, lint-free cloth and clear bumpers.

• Carefully remove the glass from its base so as not to scratch or chip the glass.

• Spray some drops of glass cleaner. Clear the dust on both sides of the glass top table using the lint-free cloth.

• Remove the bumpers slowly from the sticky paper and glue it onto the glass table top.

• Ensure that the bumpers are of the same size and that they are aligned appropriately.

• When this is done, put the glass top gently over your dining or coffee table.

• Do not attempt to lift the glass top if it is big and heavy. It would be better to request someone to help you.

• Press the top gently on the bumper.

If you still have second thoughts on purchasing a glass table top, you can ask help from the customer service of the furniture store. Most online furniture stores offer 24 hours customer service. These people will be able to enlighten you about glass table tops as well as to assist you on finding the suitable piece for your home.

The addition of glass table tops will give your home a classy, chic and modern look. Glass table tops are easy to clean and maintain making them suitable for busy people. Online furniture stores offer various sizes and shapes of glass table tops. The size and color also range from clear to tinted ones.

Dress up your home by checking on the latest designs of glass top coffee tables and dining tables. You can even find glass top dining tables that are can be extended in whatever shape you want.

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