Incorporating Elegance in Your Modern Dining Room

Next to the living room, the dining room serves as venue for family conversation, gatherings, and dinner with friends. It also serves as study room where parents help their kids with their homework. For this room to function properly, it is important to have a dining room modern set. The question is how you can incorporate elegance to your dining room.

Elegance in the Dining Room

  • Matching Dining Room Set

 Although modern living does not require you to have items that have the same color, it is still a big factor if you have matching items. Many homeowners still prefer matching dining room sets. With the introduction of modern furniture designs, modern dining sets are much innovative, lighter, and functional. If you prefer having a complete dining set, the rest of the décor should be casual for a softened look. For a less formal style, choose a round dining table.


  • Mix and Match

If you want to have an eclectic dining room look, then mix styles. An eclectic look does not go with every room décor, though. It is wise to ask the advice of the experts if you are not confident about applying this in your dining room.

However, you can start in simple, small ways to avoid an entirely shocking look. Ask your family’s opinions. Who knows one or two of them may have excellent ideas!

A simple way to start is having different kind of chairs. This can be in the form of color, materials, design, and style. Make sure they are of the same height when mixing different chairs. Different styles and dimensions will add to the charm and elegance of your dining room.

  • Materials

Unlike in the olden days, the materials used for modern dining room sets are not exclusive to wood. Materials like stainless steel, concrete, glass, lacquer or a combination of two or three of these. Dining chairs, on the other hand, has either leather or fabric upholstery.

  • Correct Dimensions

If you prefer mixing designs and styles, make sure you buy them together. Buying them separately may lead to buying chairs that do not complement the color of the table or are too low for the table. It can also be the other way around. The dimensions of both the table and chairs should complement each other. The table should be of adequate height to make sure the comfort of the user during mealtime. The chairs should be of equal height, too, for harmony.

  • Incorporate Benches

These are not the picnic benches. Modern furniture introduce dining benches that gives your dining room a laid-back feel. You can have them with or without dining chairs. Regardless of what you choose, you will definitely like adding them.

  • Add Colors

Colors will definitely liven up any space. With leather and fabric used in constructing dining chairs, you have the option to injecting colors in the room. You will be happy to know that leather upholstery is not limited to the neutral colors. You can get leather upholstery in red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and more just like fabric upholstery.

  • Buffet and Dining Display

Both of these items contribute to the organized look of your dining room. The buffet can hold your beautiful china, glassware, cutlery, and even wine bottles. Some modern buffets are designed with a provision for wine bottles. Use the drawers for small items like table napkins. Use the buffet to store table runners, placemats, and other dining items.

As for the dining display, use this for collector’s items related to dining. You can also use this for other curios.

  • Accessories

Wall accessories like a mirror or painting are great items that will give your room a chic look.

Plants, curtains, area rugs, vases, sculpture are other accessories that you can add for that sprightly feel and look.

If you choose to have an area rug, make sure it covers the area of the dining room set, even when pushing the chair back.

Hope that the above tips will help you have that elegant and sophisticated look in your modern dining room.