Install Lights in your Living Room Appropriately for a Better Ambiance

Careful planning is not only reserved for buying furniture. You also need to plan adequately when choosing your lighting fixtures as well as how to install them. An interior designer can help you with this job but if your budget is limited, you can adapt the following steps.

Your first step is to obtain your living room plan. Settle on how you want to divide the areas including your furniture. One or two sources of light are better; hence, aside from having a general light put a lamp in those areas that need illumination. To better visualize this, get a paper and draw your living room. Put red points or spots on the areas that will be occupied by your furniture while draw a circle to signify those areas where lights are to be installed. Use a rectangular shape for the switches. Ensure that you place your switch in various points for easy access. The switch for the general light must be located near your front door. Every light that is to be installed must have its own switch.

Install lights on each corner of your living room to help you find things easily. However, ensure that your lights must also blend with the furniture.

The general or the main light is still important, so do not forget this. This light will brighten up the whole living room when your family wants to play a board game or entertaining guests. Dim lights are not helpful for these activities. You can make use of a floor lamp with halogen bulbs.

Use a table or floor lamp to light up your sofas and chairs but make certain that its intensity can be modified.

Task lights can be used to give emphasis to a painting, sculpture or any decoration that you want to be noticed. You can also have it on your accent wall.

If you have assigned an area exclusive for reading, have a desk lamp. The bulb must not be too glaring or too soft so as not to hurt the eyes.

Lamps can be installed near the TV but should give off a soft streak of radiance.

If the entrance door of your living room faces the street, mounts lights near the door. Choose lights that give off a soft glow.

If you want to have a more calming ambiance, have lights that emit soft streaks of light. For a livelier ambiance, have lights with more intensity. Both of these lights are necessary though. Lights with dimmer switches are good choices for quick transformation.

Choose lights that do not hurt the eyes particularly when reading or watching TV or a move.

Floor and table lamps emit a soft gentle radiance that is comfy, warm and inviting.

Lights when chosen appropriately will further add to the pleasing and warm ambiance of your living room. You do not even need to buy expensive furniture pieces so long as you select your lights and install them properly. Get the ambiance that you want for your living room by matching your furniture pieces, wall paint color, furnishings and your lighting accoutrements.

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