L-Shaped Modern Sectional Sofas to Beautify that Corner Space

5v8i2313It is common to see corner space wasted and empty when there are actually plenty of techniques to make it functional and alluring. A corner space can be a complicated matter when decorating a home. It does not offer much interest and can make you worry on how to make it useful. Actually, it does not lie in the fact that it is greatly difficult to style or decorate but how to relate it to the rest of the room. It takes discovering what would make your home interesting when revamping a corner space in your modern  living room and making it work with the whole design theme.

l157-grey-webA Reading Nook

To turn your corner space into a reading area, have a recliner, a lounge chaise or a club chair. Pair it off with a modern end table. Don’t forget to have a table lamp on the table or a floor lamp that can be angled to your desired position. Have one or two wall-mounted shelves. Make the space cozier by putting a throw on the chairs or recliner and some throw pillows. An area rug would define the space.

K8378A Conversation Area

Place a small modern sofa or loveseat in the corner. Add a few accent chairs or upholstered modern dining chairs with arms. Have a modern coffee table and an end table with a drawer to make the corner space more useful. Get a potted plant to enliven the corner space.

set-horizon-greyAnother great thing to do when converting your corner space into a conversation area is placing different sizes, shapes, and colors of area rugs and surround it around a near-to-the-ground coffee table. Mount a couple of wall lamps. This space makes it ideal for conversations, board games as well as collaborating in a school project (art or craft or working on a theme paper). It also makes a romantic corner for you and your spouse or a cozy chat with the family.

0826-f-3_chA Zen Space

The modern furniture that you can have to create a Zen space can either be benches, a 2-seater modern sofa or a chaise. You can also opt to have rugs only. Put some cushy throw pillows. Have a small coffee table or end table and put a small bowl with floating candles. Or scented candles and place it in ceramic silver plated candle holders. Adding a small fountain and a few potted plants would complete the Zen atmosphere. Of course, you would also need a lamp here!

trinidad-1However, the best furniture to have in revamping a corner space regardless if you intend to make it a reading nook or a conversation space is the L-shape modern sectional sofa. The L-shape sectional sofas are designed to fit in corner spaces perfectly. It is even suitable for both small and large living rooms.

mb-1603-web-4The L-shaped modern sectional sofas are created with much functionality, unlike the traditional ones. These sectionals are built with adjustable headrests, flared arms with some featuring a chaise either on the left or front side.

file_80_1Built-in end tables are another feature of L-shaped modern sectional sofas. This makes is perfect to hold cups, glasses, and even books, and magazines.

k8496-beige-webThis L-shaped modern sectional sofa even has cup holders…

VGMB1374_1…iPhone holders.

mb-1473-web_1With these styles of modern sectional sofas in your corner space, you can have a multi-functional area to serve different purposes.

mb-1473-web-3The L-shaped modern sectional sofas are either upholstered in leather or fabric. Whatever upholstery you choose does not matter, just make sure it blends with the whole theme of your home.

mb-1473-web-2_1Remember, though, that leather is recommended if you have kids because they are sturdier and easier to clean and maintain.

t136c-2-A corner space, after all, is not useless with the above tips. If what you only wanted is for your corner space to functional in several ways, choose an L-shape modern sectional sofa and add a few more modern furniture pieces and décor!

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