Let Your Console Table Stand Out

There are several simple ways to enliven your home interior. You can use light, accessories like a vase, painting, sculpture, mirror, and a rug. Many homeowners, though, use modern furniture for this purpose.

A console table is one of the furniture pieces that you can use to brighten your home. This piece of furniture brings life to any space as well as adds grace to an empty wall. Regardless of where you place a console table, it will still grab attention. Placed behind a modern sofa allows you to use the top for accent pieces. Alternatively, it becomes the focal point when placed in a corner and can serve you several purposes.

To let your console table stand out, you need to decorate it. When doing this, you need to consider two things:

  1. Your home décor theme. Decide and list the items to place on top of the accent table
  2. Where to place the table. Will it be in a hallway or foyer? If yes, decorate your accent table that will not cause traffic to day-to-day activities. If it is in the dining or living room, place a decorative item like candle burners, vase, sculpture, photos, etc.

Decorating a Console Table

  • Placement

Place your console table in a suitable area such as the hallway, foyer, living room, or in the dining room. This table looks better when placed against a wall. Some console tables are free standing so it does not require any screws, unlike a wall-leaning designed table. Choose a table with curved ends if you have children.

  • Add an Element of Charm

Hang a uniquely designed mirror or an eye-catching artwork above the table to get attention. Make sure to fully secure the wall décor and mount it properly.

You can also opt to place another décor item like a piece of sculpture, a vase, candle holder to make it look taller. Place these on either side of the painting or mirror

  • Raise the Bar

Place some tall items such as a candle stand or a figurine to give the table a feeling of height. Place the item on the either side of the artwork to balance out the whole setup.

  • Stack Up the Table.

Stack up the accent table with your favorite books and magazines. Add a couple of decorative boxes or baskets and place these under the table to hold items Avoid stacking the table top with too many items to prevent a cluttered look. If the console table has drawers and shelves, then use these to store items.

  • Decorate with Accent Pieces.

Show off some accent pieces on the top. Place small decorative brass plates to hold small items such as keys, pens, sticky pads, and even coins. Place a dazzling table lamp to complete the scenario.

The above tips will make your console table a sell-out attraction and will be the envy of your friends and guests.

If you already have a console table and it still looks good, start from there and follow the above suggestions. If it looks a little old, you can redesign it to look like an antique piece. Just make sure, though, that it is still in good condition. You can also have it repainted or revarnished.

All it takes is a little imagination to spark a new look in the interior of your home. There is literally no need to spend a big amount of money. Modern furniture Los Angeles offer home design ideas so you may want to check them out.