Lighting the Different Rooms in Your Home

Are you wondering how you can get that perfect ambiance in your home? The best way to do this is via lighting fixtures. If the home is perfectly fit, the home will definitely give out positive energies. This is because good and proper lighting gives out positive and good vibes.

Planning what, where and how you will install lights will help you achieve the ambiance that you have always wanted.

Lighting Fixtures and Your Modern Home

To create a flattering ambiance, incorporate a mixture of lighting fixtures at various levels. Make sure that you install the correct task lighting needed for whatever activity like putting on makeup, getting dressed, reading, cooking, etc..

  • Living Room Lighting

Install lights on the three corners of the room leaving the other corner free. Assign one of these lights to focus on a specific item like a modern couch,  lounge chair, a wall art, or a plant. You can use a combination of table and floor lamps, with some having an upward flow while the others a downward glow.

Use the downward glow lamps in the reading room area. Have club chairs or lounge chairs, an end or accent table and shelves. Always make sure to have enough chairs in this area.

When picking down-glowing lamps, choose those with a 3-way switch so it will be easier to turn it on and off. Add a dimmer if you want an upward-glowing lamp.

  • Dining Room Lighting

Dining rooms require adequate lighting. Keep in mind that the dining table should be the central focus in the dining room. To make it even noticeable, hang a chandelier or pendant lights above the table. A 100-wattage chandelier is enough to make your dining table the brightest spot in the room.

Implement indirect lighting in the other areas of the dining room for a more relaxing and elegant feel. For a subtle glow, place a pair of sconces on the wall above the buffet or a pair of small table lamps on the buffet top.

If the shelves have no built-in lamps, then mount votives inside the shelves. Modern furniture California offers buffets with built-in lamps.

  • Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom calls for a cozy, peaceful ambiance so you can sleep soundly. Place a table lamp on the nightstands. To create balance, have two nightstands and lamps. Sconces are good alternatives. Both of these lighting fixtures are helpful, particularly if you like to read before going to sleep.

Choose a table lamp that you can adjust. Do not point the lights directly to the bed. Track or recessed lighting fixtures should face toward the dressing area. If you prefer having a little illumination even when asleep, look for a small table lamp with mellow illumination.

It is recommended to open the windows to allow natural daylight inside the home. Natural daylight is better in many ways compared to artificial light. It helps in removing any foul smells and is good for your and your family’s health. Most of all, it helps in reducing your energy consumption.

Always choose an artificial light with a dimmer so you can regulate the ambiance. These types of lighting are easy to install and less expensive.

The kind of lighting for every room differs on how you will use the room. So before you start shopping for a lighting fixture, decide what activities will you be having in the room. This helps in choosing the appropriate light for that particular purpose. A properly planned lighting increases the efficiency of your rooms.