More than 1500 Lighting Products Available Now

Modern Black Chandelier

We have literally added 1500 lighting products over-night and on top of all that huge quantity, we aren’t charging you a cent to get them shipped.  We have added pendants, table lamps, ceiling lamps, modern chandeliers, desk lamps, floor lamps, and wall lamps.  And Free shipping on any of those lighting devices.  No matter what the price, no matter what the size.  You pay zero for shipping nationwide within 48 continental states.

Our personal favorite:

Modern White Chandelier

It features strings with crystal balls that refract light to give the perfect modern glow in any room.  It is suspended with precision measurements and placement of the crystal balls to emulate a big floating ball, similar to the rings of saturn, but instead of rings this one is a sphere.  Our other selection of desk lamps if you’re into the modern scene is also recommended to take a look at.

we know how difficult it is to take advantage of your house or apartment’s stock lighting.  some designs are dull, or are not strong enough to brighten up your room in particular.   Our floor lamps are designed to do just that.  They illuminate the room while still maintaining a contemporary presence so as not to sacrifice style while providing a benefit of a well lit environment.

Modern Silver Floor Lamp

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