Living Room Decorating Tips with White Sofa  


The color white is just one of the common colors of modern furniture. Would you dare have a white sofa in your living room? Why not? The color white is associated with purity, cleanliness, and safety. Unlike the color black, white connotes positive vibes and represents new, good and successful beginnings. This does not mean, though, that it is recommended for those who have just bought their new home or for new couples. White modern furniture can be used by anyone and in any time of the year. A modern sofa in the living room would be a welcome treat making your living space nice, clean and new.


Some homeowners would have second thoughts having a white sectional sofa, mainly because the color is high maintenance and indeed, it is! Choosing a white sofa is not practical if you have kids or allow pets inside the home. It is best suited for a home used by adults. Decorating your living room around a white sectional sofa needs a contemporary design that demonstrates modern grace and stylishness. Let your white sofa stand and use it as a focal point by integrating soft, muted colors and contemporary accessories. White is a neutral color so it is much easier to blend it with cool or warm colors.


Wall Paint Color

Paint your wall with a shade that does not go up against your white sectional sofa. Soft gray, beige, muted yellow-gold, gray-blue, warm mocha brown, sage green, teal or even white paint colors for your walls. The bright primary colors, vivid pastels, and the too dark hues can divert the focus from your white furniture making your walls the main feature in the living room. If you want to create a simple contrast, go for amethyst, deep red, taupe or China blue wall paint color. A blue or green shade wall paint color will your living room a cool, refreshing look while beige, brown, red or golden wall paint colors will provide your room warmth and affection.

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Furniture to go with White Sofa

If the white sofa will be the accent furniture in the living room, look for contemporary synthetic or metallic furniture or accessories or incorporate warm wood tones in the room. Pick a mahogany, oak, walnut or pine coffee table to give the room a comfortable and cozy feel.



For a sleek, contemporary look, opt for chrome, brushed metal or fiberglass coffee or end tables.


Add a lounge chair upholstered in a solid color or monochromatic patterns to harmonize your modern white sofa. Give your room an avant-garde aesthetic appeal by adding other solid white furniture pieces.



Pick accessories that will not take the focus away from your modern white sofa. Those with soft accent colors are good choices, such as throw pillows in light teal, soft blue-gray, beige or warm brown colors. Choose throw pillows with soft textures. If you want to add a touch of rustic living in the living room, choose soft blue checkered pillows. Add visual interest in the room by placing a metal or wood tray of scented candles on your coffee table. Light the candles in the evening for a soft relaxing feel.


Hang a mixture of wood and metallic-framed paintings, artworks or photos on your walls. Another option is a wall art with white-infused designs, patterns or flowers to match your white sectional sofa.


Choose a modern floor lamp or table lamp. Recessed lights would also be a good choice. These lighting fixtures will complement the elegance of your modern furniture.


The Windows

Use beige or white flimsy curtains or drapes to allow the sunlight to brighten your living room. For a bit of privacy, choose a modern slightly dark shade blinds so as not to compromise the modish appeal of your white sofa.


The Floors

Add a light-colored or neutral-colored area rug. Hardwood floors would look nice with modern white furniture.


A modern white sofa exudes a sophisticated look so do not complicate it by having plenty of colors, designs or patterns.

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