Modern Furniture Design: A Look at its History

Modern furniture designs bring a new look to every home. Furniture is not merely an item you place in your home. It is more of how you create a space and an extension of yourself.

Modern Design Furniture:  History of Furniture

Modernism deviates from the elaborate touches of other design styles, such as Renaissance, Gothic, and Victorian design styles. It dates back around the latter part of the 19th century. Modern furniture design offers variety, not just an individual defining style. It is well designed, practical, and affordable.

Combining the principles of art and technology, it uses new materials and new methods to produce an innovative piece of furniture. Deutscher Werkbund, a German government-sponsored organization fits into this new philosophy. Its purpose was to promote German furniture design to the whole world. Their concept is to introduce new furniture design and art to the general population by using new materials and mass production. Meis van der Roher and Lilly Reich are some of the people involved with Werkbund School as well as the Bauhaus School.

With modern furniture, designers continue to look for new materials to build furniture.

Molded plywood, steel, and plastics replaced sculptured wood. The modern furniture idea was to balance aesthetics and function, producing furniture that is affordable and practical but still attractive. It has new shapes, textures, colors, and a new idea about furniture.

Consumers’ taste for furniture changes continuously, which was impacted by current needs, fashion, revolutionary ideas, and designs. Modern furniture design, however, continue to be the most popular, signifying it has stood the test of time. So far, many homeowners prefer modern furniture for its durability, versatility, portability, and practicality. With the big demand, modern furniture designers continue on developing new concepts and standards that were started by their predecessors from the previous century.

New building techniques, new materials, different shapes are incorporated in building furniture. Freethought, independence, and simplicity are the superseding influences in modern furniture design with the modern furniture designers adopting the current and still recognizing the concepts of the previous centuries. Although several of the most exemplary designs were made during the mid-20th century, they still inspire the ideas of modern furniture design.

Foreign design influences, particularly Asian and African designs, started to have a remarkable impact on modern furniture builders. The Japanese design specifically has a big influence on today’s furniture designs and styles. The styles are prominent via the use of solid colors and fewer intricacies.

Modern designs are more straightforward that showcases elegance, simplicity, and functionality. Although these features are present in modern furniture, the pieces are still reasonably priced.

Modern furniture designs are extremely nice and easy, so it can easily mix well in any type of home interior theme. Aside from being nice and easy, modern furniture is multipurpose so you can place it anywhere in the room. For example, a stylish modern leather sofa with cup holders can be placed n the patio. The concept of having sofas with cup holders is unique and innovative, making way for a more laid-back feel.

There are certainly more to modern furniture designs. Indeed, designing and building furniture has come a long way. With the creativity of modern furniture designers, you can expect more revolutionary features that will enhance beauty and function of your home.