Make a Statement in Your Home with these 5 Modern Accessories

ethan-emory-webDecorating one’s home is one way of telling people who you are. It is an extension of your personality. A person who has traveled a lot would have a collection of souvenirs from the different places the person has been to. Likewise, an heirloom house would have varied décor and accessories and vintage furniture. Décor and furniture in every home range from different styles, designs, colors, shapes, and patterns.1585-cat.3-orange-web-1Some homeowners would go out of their way to building their own piece of furniture or décor. Some would opt for the DIY pieces. Most, however, would prefer to look into different furniture shops and pick those that suit their taste. Depending on the homeowner’s choice and taste, the selection would either be modern furniture, contemporary furniture, traditional furniture or transitional furniture (a mixture of modern and traditional touch).1728_in_m1773_1_While furniture would occupy more floors space in any home, décor and accessories should be included. A home filled with furniture but misses out on accessories would look incomplete.  0892-2-webWhile the budget is usually a big consideration when decorating a home, there is no need to splurge or overspend to have modern accessories that will blend in with your modern furniture. Here are 5 accessories that won’t hurt your pocket.

Vases have always been a great choice. It represents the artistry of different civilizations. You can pick from ancient vases that were archeological finds or modern vases with inscriptions or art. These versatile modern accessories can function as containers for umbrellas, plants, bamboo sticks, pebbles and even stationery. The antique vases like the Ming vases command a price but online Los Angeles modern furniture has a great selection of modern vases.

Apart from adding beauty to your interior décor, houseplants will clean the air in your home so you and your family are assured of breathing healthy indoor air. They also add color and scent to your home. Houseplants such as Snake Plant, Pothos, English Ivy, Aloe,  Jade Plant are some of the great houseplants that help in removing toxins and taking in carbon and release oxygen that is necessary for good health.

These can either be simple, decorative or scented candles. Lighted candles will give your home a warm, cozy feel. They also provide a dramatic, romantic ambiance in the home.ls544_eva_white_dsc_1016Mirrors

Mirrors are great accessories that can make space look larger. They are also great accent pieces. Placed on a wall is an economical technique to create your own accent wall at home. Mirrors light up a room when placed strategically and help save on energy. They also harmonize well with any décor styles and accessories.add0431Paintings or Artworks

Hanging a painting or artwork will make a dull-looking wall interesting. Pick minimalist art or painting if you have a minimalist décor style at home.k8214-raf-n004-webPhotos or Frames

Another great accessory to have are family portraits and photos. Have them framed beautifully or make a bold statement with DIY art to show your creativity.  876-main-webModern home decoration does not have to be expensive. With just a few dollars, you can complete your home by incorporating any of the above accessories to blend with your modern furniture.

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