Make Your Home a Model Home Using Modern Furniture


Most of us have been in an open house, where model homes are displayed. It is pretty obvious that these homes were clearly thought of, having a well-planned floor plan and design. This in spite of their restricted size. Attending open house invitations always leave a mark in the minds and hearts of viewers. Also, it makes one wonder how a small house can be as cozy, stylish and grand! And finally, the question of how to turn your home into a model home. One of the appalling things in viewing model homes is how modern furniture was incorporated beautifully with the whole concept for a striking look.


Turning your home into a model home is like dressing up a fashion model to become a supermodel. There is group effort although with a different set of workers or players. For the home, you would need carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians, decorators and other players who give their share of skills to make your home the envy of the neighborhood. But what we usually forget is that the big player is your home!


Color sets the flow to having a model home. Let the color flow from room to room but make sure to consider the scale and proportion. The scale refers to how the size of an item like modern sofa relates to the room size. Alternatively, proportion refers to how modern furniture and the other items in a room relate to each other. This is important to achieve balance. Balance refers to the equal distribution of visual weight in a room.


In the Bedroom

Place the same design and style of modern nightstands on each side of the bed. The lamps should also be the same. Having similar furniture and accessories is the easiest way to establish balance.


If you plan to place furniture near a doorway, make sure that both sides have the same furniture size to create visual weight.


In the Living Room

Place end tables on both sides of the biggest sofa for symmetry. Add extra seating with accent chairs to complete the scheme. Using symmetry in decorating a room brings forth a balanced feel. To balance the end table and a lamp on the right side of the modern sofa, place an end table with the same design and style and a lamp on the sofa’s left side.


Don’t forget to have a modern coffee table in the center to allow everyone to join in the conversation. Arranging your modern sofa around a center point is known as radial symmetry.


When assessing the scale and proportion of a room, look from all angles and make the required adjustments to make it feel right.



Decorating in Details

A good stylist is needed whether in fashion or in a home. A good stylist has an eye for details. Detailing such as patterns, ruffles, trim, fringe and other decoration makes the difference, where an ordinary thing become extraordinary. Add detailing to your current furniture and décor for a customized look.


Have a chair with an upholstered back with patterns or in printed fabrics. This is known as having a high-end look yet inexpensive.


Make your current furniture look new by repainting it. Or adding a few trims.


Adorn your modern sofa with pillows in alternating colors. You can add some piping for a subtle and effective method to connect a color scheme.


Remember to select decorating details that speak of your decorating style!


If you are a hopeless romantic, choose tables linens with lace trims, add brooches to throw pillows or add furniture or lamps with an antique look!


Don’t overdo with details. Add cushions or throws in the same fabric your curtains or drapes. Although this is an old trick, it still works until now!


Modern furniture LA helps you make your home a model home with their superb furniture styles and designs. Grab this opportunity and take pride in your modern home!

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