What Makes A Sofa Modern

One of the most common misconceptions about the phrase “Modern furniture” is that it’s literally referring to the style of the moment. When we use the term within the context of interior design, it actually refers to a specific time and style. This style reached its height in the early to mid 20th century, which is why it also goes by the name “Mid-Century Modern”. (Contemporary sofas are also very similar.) What distinguishes this style is it’s minimalism – it’s sleek, sophisticated, and chic. Your eye may not be drawn to any one detail in particular but rather the cohesiveness of the whole. Contrast this to Baroque or Italian Classic styles that feature ornamentation and embellishment – here there there is an appreciation of simplicity, subtlety, and understated luxury. Many sofas in this style come in luxurious fabrics such as leather – for a richness in materials and thoughtfulness to form.

Some people who typically prefer more detailed pieces may want to look into a Mid Century modern sofa because it doesn’t compete with the rest of the composition of a room. It can blend in seamlessly so that the attention goes to other areas. In a room that already has a lot of character or a dominant style this is a balanced addition. Another benefit is that it’s clean structure was specifically designed to open up the space of a room. If a room in your home is feeling a little crowded, you’re trying to downsize on the amount of furniture, or are moving into a new home where you want to maximize the feeling of open space – this is the perfect choice. It will add function and grace without losing any of the elegance that a more traditionally ornamental piece can provide.

Even though Modern interior design doesn’t specifically refer to this exact moment in time, the style is very popular at the moment. Investing in this design will keep a room looking chic for years. It may seem like this style of sofa can do it all – that’s because their minimalism really makes them that versatile. They will smoothly adapt to almost any other genre, space, or environment – which is exactly why they are preferred by so many designers. We have a wide array of Modern sofas to choose from (over 700 at the time of this writing) in a diverse range of colors and fabrics. Our staff have backgrounds in interior design to guide you towards the ideal piece for your home. Stop by any of our modern furniture stores today for personalized advice.