A Man’s Cave to Suit Your Fancy


A man’s cave is a space in the home that is reserved or specially made for the man in the house. This is not limited to the spouse or partner but also to the son. The spouse may want a space for himself that can serve as his private nook or working room. Teenage boys usually request a room of their own so as not to disturb the other members of the family when gaming or playing with their musical instrument.


Before you select from the wide variety of modern living room sets, make sure you get the room ready. Paint the walls and ceilings in a masculine color. Paint the room in a color that you like – a color that will make you relax.j608_black_web

So what are the most important furniture a man’s cave should have?

Comfortable Seating

Pick quality furniture such as the most comfortable sofa, recliners, club chairs or lounge chaise. This modern black bonded leather sectional sofa with coffee table is ideal for a man’s cave with its tufted back and rolled arms.  sr006

reclining chair…


or club chair with an otttoman.


Another good option is this fabric sectional sofa with wide headrests and arms featuring elegant triangular stainless steel legs.



Coffee tables and Other Furniture

A coffee table and even an end table come in handy, where you could put your glass while having a drink.


Another good alternative is having a bar table. If space is an issue, this end table would be ideal. Serving dual purposes, this modern end table also serves as a wine and wine glasses storage. Don’t forget a personal fridge to keep beer or canned drinks cold and so you have ready ice.


Entertainment/TV Stand

Of course, you watch sports events, news/commentaries, talk shows and even watch movies. A wall-mounted TV would be ideal, but a TV stand would be needed to store DVDs, other gadgets, and other entertainment stuff.
t8812If table games are your fancy, add a modern dining table with a few dining chairs with arms. Wooden upholstered chairs paired with wooden dining tables is perfect for any man’s style. Alternatively, rattan chairs and table would suit a man with rugged taste and style.lj---carver-choco---plan

Area Rug

Add an area rug to make your man’s cave comfier aside from making it warm, particularly this coming cold season.


Hang or Add Personal Effects

This pertains to items close to your heart, such as painting, a piece of sculpture, or any prized collections. It could be miniature cars, trophies from sports events, books or any hobbies that interest you in the field of music, sports, etc. If you adore avant-garde or unconventional items, please your fancy by incorporating these in your man’s cave.



Keep the room spic and span by having shelves or a bookcase. If you have a limited space, choose the wall mounted ones.


Keep your man’s cave manlier by adding textures through finishes.  What’s important is infusing your personality, no matter how peculiar your tastes may be. After all, this is our own private area and no one can meddle with how you want it to look.