Metallic Colors in Modern Furniture for a More Elegant Look

The design industry introduces the new neutral hues known as metallic colors. Metallic finishes were used in shoes…,




and even on wall paint colors.

Metallic colors were used on modern furniture pieces in order to give them a definite style and value. Take for instance an Italian classical piece where an antique gold leaf or silver leaf finish was used. Incorporating the metallic leaf design made the furniture to look more glamorous than its usual wooden presentation.

The metallic bronze colored-leather used on this bed gave it timeless elegance and a royal appeal.

Most of the contemporary interior design icons use metallic colors on modern furniture pieces mixing it with white, black…,

and off-white colors.

Metallic colors are also used also to achieve the rustic industrial look, which is becoming even more popular particularly for loft and high-rise apartments.

The inclusion of modern furniture pieces with metallic finish will give your home more style, elegance and grace.

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