Metropolitan 3 Piece Fabric Sectional Sofa & Ottoman with Crystals — Traditional Elegance in One Set

Sectional sofas make great accents for today’s living room concepts. This furniture is a trend-setting centerpiece with unique patterns, designs and twists from your usual furniture. The range of styles may be from classic L-shaped ones to one-of-a-kind curved ones. The Metropolitan sectional sofa with crystals might just create a whole different concept for your living room comforts.

The variety of sectional sofa ranges from typical L-shaped ones to modern asymmetrical designs. Slightly curved ends, chaises, adjustable headrests and extra padding equip this modern artwork into luxurious furniture fit for royalty!

With the Metropolitan sectional sofa, you’re getting everything in one set. This sofa is covered in a rich suede dual-toned suede fabric that’s unique from other contemporary pieces. The cushion is so comfortable that you could actually sleep on them!

Metropolitan 3 Piece Fabric Sectional Sofa & Ottoman with Crystals

Swarovski embellishments give this extraordinary furniture an added glow and elegance. The Metropolitan sectional sofa would make a stunning piece with its swarovski crystals shining brightly from every angle.

Metropolitan Ottoman with Swarovski Embellishments

This 3-piece sectional sofa also includes an ottoman for accent. Intricate patterns provide a sophisticated feel to this sofa to suit luxurious homes and VIP lounges. Want to create a style on your own? You could have it customized with selected patterns and fabrics. Black suede fabric is also available for your picking.

The Metropolitan sectional sofa is an exceptional sofa for large spaces. It’s stylish and accommodates more people than standard sectional sofas. Made from the finest materials, this sofa withstands everyday use.
LA Furniture store is the only store selling the Metropolitan sectional sofa. Check out their wide array of furniture from chairs, coffee tables, kitchen tables, patios, platform beds and many more. They also provide customize services for your convenience.

Metropolitan 3 Piece Fabric Sectional Sofa & Ottoman with Crystals

The Metropolitan 3-Piece Fabric Sectional Sofa and Ottoman with Crystals makes a great centerpiece. You don’t need elaborate decors to make your living room a refreshing sight to see everyday. You just need one centerpiece that does the 180 minus the hassle. So get in touch with LA Furniture store’s friendly operators for more information about this exquisite sofa!

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