Modern Area Rugs – How to Choose Like an Expert

kent_1Area rugs are simple and inexpensive accessories that can provide a different cozy feel to your home. They are not only great for decorating your rooms but they also provide comfort and warmth making your home inviting. So, how do you go about choosing an  area rug that will go with your modern furniture like a professional?linie_design_linley_beige_rug_compositionYou can choose any design of area rug regardless of your home architecture style or home interior design. However, it pays to take a little caution when choosing rugs for your home.

01_margareth_rug_ivory_dsc_3982Type. The types of area rugs include traditional, modern or contemporary, and transitional.

nova-black-brownThe Traditional Rugs are the Persian, Turkish, Oriental or European types. These classic rugs suit homes with a traditional theme and provide a formal appeal. They are usually made from wool, with designs that date back centuries and a universally-recognized elegance and beauty.

thea-greyThe Modern or Contemporary Rugs have modern art designs with leading-edge, unique design elements and bold colors. They are great in complementing homes with a modern or contemporary theme.ash-dove-planThe Transitional Rugs are the most versatile with traditional, modern and contemporary elements so they easily blend with any home theme. They feature repetitive design elements in a general pattern that are either floral or geometric. Like the contemporary rugs, they have interesting details such as asymmetrical designs or an expressive feel that attracts the eye.

imgb90cf65aca_1Size. When choosing the size of an area rug, you need to decide whether you want the legs of your modern sofa or modern furniture to rest on the area rug or otherwise. If the area rug is for your modern dining room, it is common to have an area rug that fits the whole dining room furniture. It should be large enough to accommodate the dining chairs when moving the chair out of the table. It is not so if it is for the living room or bedroom.

rug15_01_dsc_1249Color. The color of the area rug must match the paint color of your walls. Choosing the color is quite tricky. A light-colored rug is prone to get soiled quickly while a dark-colored rug can make the room seem dark. The color would also depend on the color of your furniture. And you need to think of playing up your lighting to work with the color of the rug. The best tip when choosing the area rug color is to pick one that you like and something that does not get dirty easily and does not expose lint immediately.

01_larima_rug_green_dsc_3484Quality. Quality is about the material and how it is made. Pick a high-quality area rug so it will last longer and to make your investment worthwhile. Area rugs made from wool are perfect choices because they are durable and stays longer. They also give your home a good look and feel.

file_31_1_Price. The size and material dictate the price of the area rug. It is essential to know the size, and material of area rug before shopping for area rugs. With LA modern furniture store, you get to view the area rug as well as its price, the material and the dimension. This makes it easier for you to take your pick and choose which suits your home better.

2033-beigeSo that’s how to choose a modern area rug for your home like an expert. See you on my next post where I’ll discuss the different materials used in making area rugs and pointing out their advantages and disadvantages.

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