Modern Bedroom Furniture for a Man

Men have a different taste when it comes to furnishing their bedroom. Married men may come to terms with their wives, but single men want their presence felt in their bedrooms. What do men like in their bedroom?

Modern Bedroom Furniture for Men

The bed is an important item in any bedroom. Some single men may choose to have a single bed but most men would prefer to have a bigger bed, although they are single. A twin bed may be a good choice, but a modern queen size bed would be much better. A modern king size bed would even be the most preferred by the male sex. Men prefer larger beds because it connotes independence and authority.

So what types of bed would suit men?

Modern Platform Beds

The modern platform beds are available in two designs. One follows the traditional style of having a low-to-the-ground look while the other follows the Oriental style of having the bed flat on the floor.

The low-to-the-ground look may feature stubby or cone-shaped legs that can be made of either wood or chrome material. Others feature rectangular svelte stainless steel legs, or coated stainless steel legs, still  others feature built-in nightstands or storage space. Still, others feature tall tufted headboard. So why would men want a platform bed over the regular bed design?

Modern platform beds have a streamlined design and projects a brawny look yet still look modest and low-key. With this presentation, modern furniture designers are able to enhance its look by adding accents, such as tufts, lighted platform, shaped headboard and more.

Men would love this style of modern beds because it emanates their independence without letting go of their masculinity. The modern designs of platform beds speak of a man’s style and indicate self-assurance. Responsible, confidence, and organized – qualities that modern platform beds emanates – qualities that can win a woman’s heart.

Leather Beds

Now, this is something that men would love to have in their bedroom. Leather signifies style and exudes warmth and passion. With a modern leather platform bed, a man is able to display independence without losing out his masculinity. This type of bed presents a responsible and organized man, which is a superb way to win a woman’s heart.

Modern Bedroom Furniture

The bed is the central piece in any bedroom, whether for a man, a woman, or even a child. However, other bedroom furniture is needed. These include a nightstand, chest, drawer, shelves, and even a desk, chair, or a chaise.

The nightstand is a great piece to have in any bedroom setting. This eliminates the burden of having to get up from bed to keep needed items nearby. Women are not the only ones who need a nightstand; men need it, too. A nightstand is a necessity to anyone. It is where you place books, table lamp, alarm clock, mobile phone, etc.

Dresser and…

…chest offer storage for shirts, underwear, socks, ties, towels, and other accessories.

Having a desk, chair, or chaise would depend on the person. If you are decorating your man’s bedroom, remember that men like it simple and uncomplicated. They want their bedrooms to have only the necessary furniture so avoid stuffing it with plenty of items.

For them, having a nice, soft, spacious bed to sleep on, enough storage and one or two accessories are enough to make a bedroom relaxing and functional.

You also need to consider putting the required furnishings, such as lighting, curtains, or blinds. Adding a dash of scented candles or oils would be a welcome treat regardless of the user’s sex.

Getting help from the experts to recreate a man’s bedroom would help. Online modern furniture stores have even joined the bandwagon of having exciting and beautiful showrooms by dressing them up like a home. If you are living somewhere in Miami, you can find modern furniture Miami a big help with several options to choose from and at very reasonable prices.