Modern Furniture and Accessories to Glamorize Your Patio

hydra-sectToday’s modern decorating techniques emphasize on using the most of your available space. This is because most modern homes have limited spaces. Some may be lucky to have a small terrace allowing them to have a bit of outdoor feel in their small space. Designing your modern outdoor space can be a challenge but this becomes easier with the new designs and styles of modern furniture.

zamora-webDecorating your patio boils down to one thing – choosing the furniture that goes with your theme or style. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when creating your modern patio setting.

malibu-02-dsc_5214What do you want the patio for? Will it be for exclusive use like for entertaining, a commune space, a meditative space, etc.? Do you intend to use it for dining, lounging or for all purposes? Your answers to these questions will guide you in choosing the modern patio furniture.

toledo_01_dsc_7682How big is the area? Measure your space and make a layout of where you want to place the furniture. Make sure you provide enough traffic space. Choose patio furniture that will not take much of your available space, ensuring that you’ll have a comfortable patio instead of having a cluttered, tight space.

buenos-renderWhat kind of them or setting do you want to establish? Are you after a homey, traditional, contemporary, modern style? Or you want an elegant luxurious style? Identifying your style and putting this in mind will help you choose the correct modern patio furniture and décor.

brichure-03-dsc_3821What color scheme would you like to have? This can range from cool, modern colors or warm, soothing colors. Are there columns, or paintable surfaces on your patio? What kind of backdrop would you like to have?

anafi-1What kind of patio furniture do you need? Your choice would depend on the patio theme. Wicker, rattan or metal modern patio furniture are practical choices, particularly if you live in an area where the weather changes dramatically. These materials can withstand harsh weather conditions. However, although wicker and rattan are sturdy materials and can endure weather changes, you still have to observe proper care and maintenance so they’ll last you longer.

retna-01-dsc_5897Alternatively, you can also choose to have modern patio dining sets or…

lagoon_shore__01_dsc_5886…modern patio sofa sets with cushioned seats and backs. Or opt to have modern patio sofa set with leather upholstery.

bahama-grey-02-dsc_6853The Renava Bahama Outdoor Grey Hanging Lounge Chair  would absolutely give a comforting feel in your patio.

gemini_02_dsc_5952The Gemini Two Lounge Chairs with Built-in Base and Umbrella Patio Set and…

cove_red_02_dsc_6314the Renava Cove Round Patio Day Bed with Retractable Red Sun Cover are some of the great choices for that invitingand restful atmosphere in your patio.

cove_red_04_dsc_6320How do you plan to accessorize your patio?

add0484Rugs, wall art, photos, frames are a few accessories that can enliven your patio. If your budget will allow, add a fountain, or an outdoor fireplace.minorca-webAdding flowers, plants, accessories, décor and furnishings offer you the opportunity of creating a complementary color scheme. You can also choose to add contrasting colors for accent.

ribbon_01_dsc_6587Throw pillows or upholstery are a smart and great way to add splashes of color to your modern patio.

fl210_05_03_dsc_7612Lighting is essential in designing a patio. It can make or unmake your patio atmosphere. Lighting, wind chimes or fountain can enhance your patio setting dramatically, and will make it more enchanting.

seacliff-1The secret lies in having a plan and following what you want, as this will give your patio the exact feel that you have in mind — a creative, enchanting atmosphere. Choose your modern patio furniture carefully, putting in mind comfort, usefulness, and cost-effectiveness. With the right choice and mix of modern patio furniture, you are assured of having the patio that your family and friends will enjoy!

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