Modern Furniture Arrangement and Be Your Own Interior Designer

trinidad-2Making the most of your available space is a challenge that most homeowners have to face these days.   Get out of that dispirited feeling and think outside the box. Make this decorating and furniture arrangement activity enjoyable by getting your creative energies flow. Following are some tips to turn your space into a bubbly, relaxing and inviting abode.

k8488-white-kj002-web_1Let there be Light.

Lighting plays a crucial role in decorating any room. Just as a mirror can reflect space, so does lighting. Don’t block your windows with huge sofas or headboards. Use lighting sources to optimize sitting areas.969a_2Proper lighting can make a small space conducive for reading without totally blocking the natural light from the window. The more light that comes into a room, the better for the room as it will make it feel open and larger. This also allows you to have indoor plants.kasia_grey_01_dsc_0681If it is difficult to have natural light, hang string lights to the edge of a bookshelf or your bed’s headboard for a warm ambiance. Place table lamps on your nightstands.a140Open Bookshelf or Wall Type Units

Stay away from bulky and huge furniture pieces. Store books and other décors in an open bookshelf or get this Modern Grey Lacquer Room Divider or…584DP…this Stage 3 Modern White Lacquer Shelving Wall Unit. Both of this furniture pieces will free up your floor space, making it look larger.k8488-white-kj002-web_1Draw Your Plan

Having a vision of what you want your space to look like is good but having it on paper is better. It doesn’t have to look like what an interior designer sketch. Just a few lines and drawings with dimensions will make you see where to position the primary pieces of furniture, such as your modern sofa, entertainment unit, modern coffee table, modern bed, chest, drawers, etc.

add0394Think of the accessories to have to fill in the empty spaces. Writes notes on your drawing so as not to forget the other important aspects of decorating your home. This includes the paint colors, curtains or valances, linens, mirrors, painting, plants, and more.mb-1617-web-1Pick a Few Huge Modern Furniture Pieces

Invest in a good quality modern sectional sofa for your living room. This L-shaped Divani Casa Gaviota Modern Grey Fabric Sectional Sofa can double as a division to an open floor plan living room as well as a striking centerpiece.soria-bedroom-set-03-dsc_0073_1The same goes for this Nova Domus Soria Modern Grey and Walnut Bed when placed in your modern bedroom with its sleek Walnut veneer finish. Prioritizing the major pieces will make it easier to know how much space is left to accommodate other items and decide what is or is not necessary.VGMCGD-1188Try Other Unexpected Modern Furniture Pieces

Give your space a unique charming look by incorporating a few unexpected modern furniture pieces. For example, have this Modrest Equilibrium Mirrored Console Table on your entryway.

monte-carlo-silver-benchOr have this Modrest Monte Carlo Platinum Leatherette Bench as additional seating in your living room. It can also be placed in the bedroom near a window or in your patio. Benches are great for extra seating and when placed against walls will keep traffic areas open.soria-chest-1This Nova Domus Soria Modern Walnut Chest can be placed in the bathroom to store towels and other bath items. These modern furniture pieces are great and smarter options that are very useful and enhances the look of smaller spaces.

avroWhen you’re done with planning, follow what you have drawn and picture in mind and you will be delighted to realize that a small home is not a hindrance making it cozier, warmer and interesting.


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