How Modern Furniture can be a Statement Piece

When was the last time you got super crazy for an item, but something just prevented you from buying it? It could be a piece of jewelry, a fashionable dress, a painting, or a piece of furniture. There are several reasons why we delay buying the item. It could be that it is so expensive or it is something that you do not really need at that time.

This feeling of hesitation can happen to a statement piece of furniture. Sometimes, you so wanted the furniture but realized it is so grand it will not fit into your home. However, very attractive furniture will always have a place in every home. Here are several techniques to make that furniture work in your living place.

Furniture becomes a statement piece because it stands out from the rest and complements the overall décor of a room. It can be any piece of modern furniture with a stunning look that goes more than just being functional. In most traditional homes, it is more of an eye-catching piece rather than a functional item with the purpose of adding drama, color, and definition in a room.

There are several ways to have a statement piece in your home. However, there is no need to be extravagant.

Modern Furniture Perfect for Use as Statement Piece

  • Small Tables

Small tables are great accents. It may be made of unconventional materials or inlaid, painted, mirrored, or an elegantly finished table. It may also feature strong lines or interesting geometric forms. The table can be either a coffee or end table.

  • Huge Furniture

Huge furniture could be a perfect accent piece. It could be an entertainment unit, a modern couch, a modern bed, a buffet, or a room divider.

  • A Chair with Pizzaz

Chairs like a lounge chair,club, dining chairs are common accent pieces you can find in a home. When choosing an accent chair, pick one with an excellent upholstery, a strong contour, line, color, or finish.

  • A Dining Table

Dining tables are familiar accent pieces. Look for a modern dining table that shines because of its material, finish, design, or style. Dining tables are available in various dimensions, and styles. Choose a table that appeals to you most because it works well with your dining chairs and your other dining room furniture and décor.

Placing Accent Furniture

The entryway is the best place to have accent furniture as this area the mood of your home. You can pick a stunning mirrored accent table, a creatively framed mirror, or a stunning painting. It could also be a buffet with a stunning shape and finish.

  • Busy Room

For a busy room, select a plain but with a striking color accent piece that blends well with the current pieces in the room.

  • Muted-Colored Room

For a room with muted-colored furniture or walls, choose a huge, tall, elaborate piece. Another great pick is furniture with a different style from the other furniture in the room. Combining two very different furniture styles can produce stunning outcomes.

So bring in a modern chair into your living room that has a traditional sofa set or do it the other way around.



Not to forget is incorporating lighting. Light is a great technique to give more focus and drama to your accent furniture.

Modern furniture with its direct, simple lines is a great way to fulfill of having a statement piece in your home without ripping your pocket. Check your nearest online furniture store now!