Modern Furniture for an Eclectic Home Style


The eclectic style deviates from the standard, covering a number of eras, harmonizing the East and West, the old and new, the impressive and modest, and the luxurious and simple. It encourages you to fill your home with furniture, décor, and furnishings that you love and exceptional items that appeal to your liking. To adopt an eclectic modern home style, you need to integrate color, modern furniture, texture, shape, and finishing.0827-f


The color can differ, but it is best to have a few neutrals to help put all the pieces together. Use browns and creams to set the palette and to avoid losing the superb design among the many shades.vgwcs503-brn-1_02


The lines, materials, and finishes of modern furniture are put together with fabric, paint or a more roughened or refined finish.c115-web


The number of fabrics is partly responsible in defining an eclectic style, whether through patterns, textures or both. Pick a color scheme and stick with the neutrals as your grounding force and add colored and textured pieces and patterns, tassels or trims.volare-03-dsc_4339


A mixture of finishing and textures makes an eclectic style outstanding. For example, having a polished bronze lamp shade or base with a black and white modern sofa is contrasting but having golden tones on your wall and ceiling will make it coordinated.e127-set-3-web

Steps to Eclectic Modern Home Style

The Layout

The layout is important to attain an eclectic style. Position the modern furniture to have a comfortable feel in the room. Decide where you want to place the furniture before making a purchase.mb-1603-web-1

Set a Focal Point

Don’t forget to set a focal point even if the eclectic style does include putting together styles and era through a range of items. Establish a focal point through a striking element, such as the fireplace, an alluring decorative accessory, an accent wall or an accent furniture piece.VGWCM521T

Think of Expediency

A room should be lived in, so let this guide you when designing a room. Expediency, utility, and practicality should be put to the fore. It is quite frustrating to see a well-designed room but is lacking in utility and expediency. Think of how to make the room functional and beautiful at the same time. Pick modern furniture that offers convenience and functionality. Incorporate multipurpose modern sofa, modern coffee tables, modern end tables, and bookshelves. These furniture pieces will provide a cozy, livable atmosphere to your modern living room.e127-set-2-web

Be Consistent

Although the eclectic style is varied in nature, the rooms in your home should still complement each other. Have the eclectic style all over your home to establish flow. Changing the style from one room to the other abruptly will make your home look disconnected. If you decided to adopt an eclectic style in your home, make sure that you’ll implement it in every room of your home.ct815-et815-in-stainless-steel_1

Select a Color to Unify Your Design

Pick a color that will consolidate your design. Color is a superb unifier, as it puts together the overall look. Regardless of the color that you choose, always go back to it when decorating another room in your home for an interconnected look.0857-2_3-bt-10

Avoid Sampling Paint Colors

Take a look at a variety of paint colors. See how they look by painting it on a board, then make a final decision. You can use this as a reference when choosing for fabrics or other décor.t128_c115-web_1

Aim to Have Balance

Aim to find balance in size and symmetry. Achieve harmony in design by choosing LA modern furniture  with similar lines, although they have varied styles, textures or from a different era. Don’t forego order for diversity.mb-1610-_3_2_

Eclectic Style does not mean everything is acceptable. There is a difference between collected and layered to full and off-putting. Put a limit on the number of opposing styles in a room so they don’t feel goalless.whitley-1-web

Complete your eclectic modern home style through accent pieces, such as sculpture, paintings, wall art, throw pillows, and area rugs. These accent pieces are simple ways to bring a deliberate disparity into any living space.