Modern Furniture for a Minimalist Home Design

d2We always hear the word minimalist home design, but what does it really mean? A minimalist home design can be described as a design and architecture style, inspired by Japanese classic design. Minimalism projects harmony and vastness. The interior and exterior of a home or building are designed to have a feeling of open huge spaces and clutter-free.mb-1603-web-1Modern interior designers integrate minimalism into their designs to maximize the small spaces of modern homes. This design style helps in creating a balance between form and functionality of interior design components.titan-dt-g428---dc-g509With a minimalist home design, form and structure are divided into the principal elements making the space more efficient. This gives the home a more inviting and comfier feel. It supports having less to avoid crowding the rooms in a home. Every component is designed to add functionality to the room and make it more visually appealing.K8448-1A minimalist home design can either be modern or contemporary. It focuses more on consistency and regularity in color, shape, and texture to create a more open space atmosphere._0724-f_us101__2Neutral walls without any embellishments is a feature of the modern minimalist home design. The walls are used to hang paintings, wall art or accessories like mirror, clock, poster, frames. Homes have huge windows and glass doors and walls to establish a sense of openness and to allow natural light to enter the home, making it environment-friendly.ERtop_waiveThe basic feature in a minimalist home design is an open floor plan without walls to demarcate spaces. Instead of walls, furnishings or modern furniture is used to separate rooms, such as bookshelves, open shelves, modern buffet, cabinet, or console table.t322b-webModern furniture is used in minimalist home designs because of their simple, direct lines. The materials used in modern furniture like glass, steel, polished lacquer or veneer makes it a perfect choice. Not only that, modern furniture features polished surfaces and neutral-colored upholstery with bold geometric patterns. Contemporary furniture is also a good alternative to modern furniture in a minimalist design, although its form is slightly softer. Modern furniture and accessories feature softer lines and sweeping curves.t361-web-1A minimalist home design has neutral walls with a dash of bold colors. Adding a modern accessory or a modern piece of furniture with striking color adds glam to the home.0915-3_chModern accessories, such as modern mirrors, paintings, wall art, table lamps, and floor lamps complete the minimalist home design. A mirror would make the room look larger while paintings or wall art would titivate the room.t317-webLights are important accessories in any home, regardless of its design. A well-lighted home gives a brighter look, making it look pleasant and is healthier for the residents.pegaso-webPlants, floral arrangements, and soft textures are also elements of a minimalist home design.t717-mini-webOverall, a minimalist home design consists of choosing modern furniture, accessories, and lighting correctly so the home will have a more open, fresh and uncluttered look. Furniture is positioned strategically to have open traffic areas. Modern furniture fits a minimalist home design because of its near-to-the-ground structure that makes it child-friendly.5083b-red-_-black-webThe basic principle of minimalist home design is fewer walls and functional modern furniture that blends in with the overall form and theme of the home. Designs are simple yet sophisticated. The decoration is kept to a minimum, stressing on harmony in shape and form.5134-white-_-brown-web-1With modern furniture, achieving a minimalist home design is not impossible!

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