Modern Furniture to Jazz up Dormitory Life this School Year


The month of August signals the start of school. Students of any level prepare themselves, excited to know what the school year has to offer them. The greatest challenge is faced by college students, as they are once again tied in the four corners of their dormitory. Some may view it with excitement, wanting to see if there are any changes while others may look unhappy thinking of their boring dormitory room.


Whether you are a sophomore, junior, senior or freshman, your dormitory should give you a sense of security, comfort, and peace. It is important that your room has the necessary modern furniture and accessories needed to study your lessons and make your feel rested and comfortable. Your room should be cozy and visually appealing. What could be interesting during your freshman years may now be boring and disinteresting this school year, so this is something you need to consider to make school enjoyable and obtain high grades. Also, your penchant for bright colors may have changed to the neutral colors now that you’re in the sophomore or in junior high your dormitory room will be easier once you have decided on the modern furniture that you need.


Modern bed

Of course, you would need a bed. Depending on your preference and the size of your room, you could have a single or double bed. A modern bed with lights on the headboard is a practical choice. Another wise choice is a modern bed with an under-bed storage. Keep your linens, towels, curtains, and other jackets.


Make sure to have soft linens and warm blankets to use particularly during the cold nights. Have enough number of pillows, too. Pillows should not be too soft or hard. A couple of throw pillows will make your bed easy for comfort when you’re about to sleep.



Although two nightstands are suggested, one is enough if your dormitory room is small. Choose one that has several drawers to store small Lamp

Don’t forget that your nightstand is not complete without a table lamp. The table lamp provides illumination should you want to get off the bed in the middle of the night.


Area Rug

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a soft, warm rug touch your soles when you get up from the bed? An area rug adds to the warm appeal of your bedroom.


Study Desk

An ideal study desk is one with several drawers. Make sure to have an organizer on your table to hold pens and other stuff. Have a trash bin under the desk to avoid scraps of paper or rubbish in every part of your dormitory room.km0185t-1-copper-webDesk Lamp

Go for an adjustable desk lamp so you can easily modify its position.



Go for a high back chair, as it gives you better back support. Make sure the chair has an adjustable seat height, with foot support, and can be swiveled. A chair with caster wheels allows you ease of mobility.



Organize your books and other educational materials in a bookshelf. A wall-mounted shelf is ideal for a small-sized dormitory room.


Accent Chair

This is different from the other chair you’ll use when studying or doing paper works, working on your laptop, etc. This chair will serve as your relaxing nook. An accent chair that comes with an ottoman would be nice, as well as one with a rotating table to put your cup or glass.


Or have this Divani Casa Rodus – Rounded Leather Chaise with Wood Trim.



Curtains provide you privacy without totally blocking daylight sun.


Make your dormitory room cozier by adding some fresh plants. You could place them if you have bay windows.


Once your dormitory room has all the necessary modern furniture, accessories and amenities you need, your road to getting high grades is inevitable!

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