Modern Lighting – Choosing the Perfect Lampshade for Your Home


Lighting is an integral part of home decoration. With the proper lights, every room in your home will have that certain spark that will encourage the mood that you wanted it to have. Lighting can come from natural sources like sunlight to artificial modern lighting fixtures like lamps. What factors should be considered when choosing the ideal lampshade for your home interior? Do you take into consideration the type and color of lampshade that will work well with the setting?


From chandeliers, pendant lighting fixtures to table and floor lamps that will illuminate your living room or reading nook, here are simple tips to help you select the perfect lampshade to go with your home’s interior.


Select a lampshade that complements the other colors in the room.

Lighting should be seen as a whole when choosing the colors of lampshades whether it is for the living room, bedroom, modern dining room or any room of the home. Bold colors are recommended if you want your lights to be the focal point so it will stand out amidst your other décor. Choose neutral-colored lampshades for a more subtle approach.


Determine why you need a lampshade.

Is it for a specific purpose, ambiance or both? A lampshade should not only be for a specific purpose. The main purpose of having a lampshade is to diffuse the illumination from the light bulb to have a relaxing, calming ambiance. However, the color of the lampshade can make a big difference, too. A room with an all-white décor like white upholstered modern sofa, white wall paint color, and white lampshades will provide the room maximum lighting. Create a subtle mood or ambiance in your modern living room by incorporating darker or lighter tones of lampshades for better light diffusion.


Determine how your lampshade will blend in your interiors.

Look at the room closely and analyze what type, style, shape and design of lampshade will blend in the interior of the room. For example, a low-to-the-ground nightstand would need a smaller profile table lampshade, particularly if there is only a small space to get in and out of the bed easily. While a wingback chair would need a floor lamp with a wider profile when placed in the living room.


Choose a lampshade that harmonizes perfectly with its base.

Remember that the lampshade and the base should match. They should work as a pair. Always check on the shape of the base when choosing a lampshade. A wide and broad or a tall and slim base would help you select the right lampshade. Also, choose a lampshade that is low enough to cover the switch somewhat moderately, but not too low that you’ll have a hard time reaching for it to switch on the lamp.


Pick the right shape of the lampshade to go with the room interior.

Lampshades are available in various shapes – conventional bell type, cylinder/drum, coolie, empire or floor. Choose a shape that will set the design style of the room. The best tip here is to choose a base then choose the shape of lampshade that fits the base perfectly.


Use the lampshade to make a statement.

To make a statement using a lampshade, choose a color that harmonizes with the colors of your modern furniture, throw pillows, area rugs, wall color or wallpaper.


Think of safety.

A lampshade can pose a danger so choose a shade that there is adequate distance between the light bulb and the shade. For safety reasons, make sure the lampshade fits adequately to prevent it from burning.


Choosing the ideal lampshade for your home is a must! With the varied selections of modern lighting available in the market, it is easier to choose one that will give your home the ambiance you wanted to create. So whether it if for your modern bedroom, living room or dining room, use the above tips when picking the perfect lampshade!

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