Modern Office Chairs that Make You Productive


Chairs are typical furniture that we see everywhere. They come in various designs, styles, colors, and materials. However, there is always a difference in their use and the purpose of the user. Office chairs, for example, are used differently. An executive chair will not be useful for an office clerk nor would it be suitable for a guest’s or client’s chair. To date, modern furniture has modified the look of office chair so it is not just an ordinary chair. Listed below are the different variations of modern office chairs and their intended purpose.



Modern office chairs are classified based on the height of the back, presence of any adjustable features and the presence or absence of caster wheels. Adjustable back height is a common feature of most office chairs. The most modern office chairs feature adjustable armrest height and a back that can be angled. Some include caster wheels for easy movement.


Executive Office Chairs

Executive modern office chairs feature high back, adjustable height caster wheels, and a swivel feature. The high back allows you to adjust it to your desired angle and have padded armrests. They are bigger than other office chairs and are usually upholstered with leather. These chairs are intended for CEOs, EVPs, VPs, and those in the executive level positions. They are also expensive compared to other office chairs.


Task Office Chairs

Task office chairs are the most common chairs seen in any office. The designs are very basic and feature caster wheels, adjustable height, and a rotating mechanism, allowing you to rotate 360 degrees to accomplish your task. These chairs are recommended for the office staff, so whether you are starting a big, medium, small or even a home office, include task office chairs in your list for your staff. The rotating feature is a big help for office staff to make their work lighter while the adjustable height makes it convenient for the users to sit comfortably regardless of their height. These chairs are cheaper compared to the executive office chair.



Guest’s or Client’s Chair.

Guest office chairs are intended for visitors, guests, and clients who visit the office to discuss business, or for other purposes for only a brief period. These chairs are either positioned next to a desk or at the reception. Guest chairs are not as flexible as office chairs. They do not have any extra features, as these chairs are not meant for sitting on for long hours. They are stationary and without  wheels. These chairs have a more funky and colorful design. You can see these types of modern chairs in creative offices so as to establish a look that reflects the look and colors of a specific brand or the business logo itself.


Some offices use a 2- or 3-seater sofa for guests while some use modern chairs.


Conference Chairs

Conference office chairs or boardroom chairs are, as the name implies, meant for meetings, conferences, and seminars. They are designed to offer much comfort but are mobile and not adjustable. Some offices, however, prefer to have chairs with adjustable height and caster wheels so it is not surprising to see chairs with these features.


Ergonomic Modern Office Chairs

Ergonomics is the word these days, particularly in the office where office staff is required to sit for long hours. Modern office chairs are ergonomically designed to reduce body aches at work and to help office workers to be more productive. These chairs offer maximum support to the back and arms. They have adjustable armrest height, back, features a headrest, feet support aside from the presence of caster wheels. The best feature is the adequate support to the lower back so you are able to maintain the correct posture while seated.


Online LA modern furniture has made these very accessible, as you can easily view and read their specifications and features through the Net. These are the types of chairs needed in any modern office. Always go for comfort when buying a modern office chair. A comfortable chair leads to increased productivity. It reduces sluggishness, absences, and most of all takes care of your workers’ health!

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