Modern Office Furniture: Productivity Working at Home


Modern office furniture is ideal for homework space, especially that work at home is getting very popular. However, work-at-home people usually end up with an uncomfortable work area and environment that greatly affects one’s productivity and health.

Easy Ways to Having a Convenient Home Office

I’ve gathered easy ways to get that home space conducive to working to keep you alert and focused on your work, and physically healthy.

  • Directing Your Working Area

Poor office chair and desk lead to poor posture and body positioning. This can eventually result in musculoskeletal disorders. Other health issues that can arise from repetitive and extended work in an uncomfortable position are lower back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and muscle strains. All of these contribute to low productivity both long and short-term.

Having an ergonomically designed modern desk and chair will help reduce these health issues. A too low office desk encourages you to hunch your back, while a too high fixed desk will give you shoulder and wrist problems. The recommended standard height of an office desk is 34 inches. A height adjustable desk is ideal because you can modify its height depending on what suits you best.

  • Sit Properly, Sit Comfortably

Likewise, an ergonomically designed office chair is essential to achieve increased productivity and to reduced risk of injury. An ergonomically designed chair encourages good sitting habits, decreasing back, hip, shoulder and neck problems.

An ergonomic chair encourages you to sit properly because of its comfortable and supportive system. It features maneuverable and adjustable capabilities so you can move easily within your work area and adjust its height for your comfort.

Office work cultivates sedentary habits. The average sitting hours in an office is 7.7. Long sitting hours affects your physical health eventually. According to studies, long sitting hours stops your muscles to break down fats and sugars. This can result in increased cardiovascular-related diseases and obesity.

With a height adjustable office desk, you can stand up and continue with your work without stooping and feeling inconvenient.

  • Correct Modern Office Furniture Size

Purchase modern office furniture that suits the size of your home office. Smaller office furniture is practical for a starting business. Place a few pieces against the walls to have more space for traffic. Invest in storage pieces to avoid clutter. After all, a clean office is proof that you handle your business well and efficiently. Do not forget to create a home office space that supports your work lifestyle.

  • Lighting

Install proper lighting fixtures. Lighting is essential for you to work properly, too. Allow natural lighting inside your office. Position your monitor parallel to the windows to prevent staining your eyes. Soften the glare of the monitor by having a desk lamp.

Distractions are common when working from, particularly if you have children. Unfocused attention results to low productivity. Assign a room exclusive to working to eliminate or reduce distractions. Make sure it is far from noise and other disturbances.

If you have no spare room for this, install sound dampeners or absorbers. These will stifle or repress external noises for a quieter working environment.

  • Decorate with Houseplants

Houseplants are less expensive than any other accessories. They are easier to take care, too. Plants help boost productivity and cheerfulness within your home office space.

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