Modern Office Furniture for a More Productive Workday


Each of us wants to be productive at work, regardless of the position. Ergonomic modern office furniture motivates a worker to be more productive and efficient, but there are other factors that affect work efficiency and productivity.


The secret of being more productive is not doing the tasks listed on your “to do” list. To be productive, one has to focus on the essential tasks and finishing it with quality. What use it is to accomplish more tasks if it ends up to be a lousy thing. While it is true that there are bad days, inefficiency at work can be avoided. Check our lists to get you more energized and active at work.


Shorten Your To-Do List

Prepare your to-do list after a day’s work and place it on your modern office desk, so you’ll be reminded what to prioritize. Your to-do list should contain tasks that require immediate attention for the day. This includes tasks that will enable you to reach your goals for the day. Review your list after writing them down and remove those tasks that have a minimal effect or will not affect your productivity.


Delegate Tasks

Don’t take all the responsibility. Offload yourself by delegating tasks. Assign tasks that you are not capable of handling or you’re not good at. Let others help you so you can focus better on the most important items.


Follow the Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle states that a worker should allocate 20% effort to yield 80% of your everyday tasks. Learn how to say “no”. Do not take on a task that you know you won’t be able to accomplish. This will only give you stress that leads to poor quality work and low work efficiency.


Start with the more difficult tasks.

People are more productive in the morning because the brain has recharged brought by a goodnight’s sleep. Morning is the best time to deal and tackle the most challenging tasks so you will be less busy in the afternoon.


Enjoy Your Break

Enjoy your breaks. Don’t let a day pass without taking the allowed office breaks. Office breaks let you clear your mind. Productivity can decrease if you are too focused on something and can also result to committing mistakes. Makes use of the 10 or 15-minutes breaks to re-energize your brain and boost your energy.


Be Systematic.

Organize tasks by assigning which should be done in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Avoid checking your personal email, Facebook or Twitter account in between tasks, as this greatly affects productivity. Set a time when to do this.


Use the Phone

Digital communication can get you lost with what is important. Do not let your productivity suffer because of this. Make use of other means to communicate. For example, if your email got more than two replies, set a phone call to increase productivity.


Minimize Overtime Hours

Your get less productive and effective if you work beyond what your body and mind can handle. While overtime work allows you to earn more, it can leave you exhausted mentally and physically. There is no use working for extended hours if you won’t be producing good results. Avoid overworking yourself. Get enough sleep so as to maintain a higher level of efficiency and productivity.


Support Your Decisions

Ensure that you have the correct information prior to starting a new task. Know and understand what is required and what you need to do. This saves you time from committing mistakes. Being well-informed plays a critical part on being efficient and productive.


Stop being a Perfectionist

The more you aim for perfectionism, the more you will be less productive. Focusing and spending more time than what is required for a task will confuse you from what is more important.


With the proper modern office furniture, equipment, and the above tips, there is every reason to have a more efficient and productive workday.