Modern Patio Furniture for that Relaxing Al-fresco Family Bonding


If there is any room in the house that mirrors the function of the living room, it is the patio. The patio, like the living room, serves as a space for entertaining friends or catching up with the family for a lazy summer weekend, late evening talk or weekend dinner or lunch. It also turns into an entertainment area where everyone gathers around to sing while someone plays the guitar or play table games. If you do not have a patio, you can still enjoy an outdoor activity by setting up your garden with modern patio furniture.


Patio dining tables are great to have as you can use them for all purposes, such as for sit-down dinner or lunch, buffet party, table games, and even small conversations. A small round or square patio dining table would be great if you’d like to set up a section for two or three persons for a cup of tea or coffee.


The patio is a welcome space this summer. It is the best time to eat al fresco, have a barbecue and spend late nights watching the stars and the moon. Spending time together with your family or spouse makes the bond stronger. A few dining chairs or a modern sofa will do but having a patio dining table is still a necessity.

So what is the best dining table for your patio or garden? Could you use any dining table? Or choose a table that is made of sturdier materials? Remember, the patio furniture will be exposed to different elements like dust, dirt, air, smoke, wind, sun, etc. How often does weather change in your area?


Choosing the materials for modern patio furniture is essential to ensure it can withstand any external ‘beatings’.


Wood (Wicker or Rattan)

Wood is the most preferred material whether it is for the dining room or patio. Patio dining tables can be designed as tables for two, square, circular or rectangular shapes or picnic-style benches. The wood material that is ideal for external use is wicker or rattan because they can tolerate any weather condition. Patio dining tables that are made of wicker or rattan have that ‘outdoor-sy’ feel and look, making them a good choice for outside use. Dark wood patio dining tables are another great choice.



The other material that can survive harsh elements is stone. Stone modern patio dining tables can be marble or concrete. These tables are easy to maintain, needing only washing with soap and water. Make sure, though, to wash the soap off the table completely.


Glass-Top Tables

Do not limit yourself to a glass top table. Although glass is a fragile material, glass top modern dining tables are great on the patio. These tables have wood, wicker, rattan or metal base.


You need to know the basic essentials when choosing modern patio furniture. This includes –

  • Buy from prestigious and reliable modern furniture.
  • Choose quality patio furniture so it will last you longer.


  • Make sure it is weatherproof.
  • Other choices of modern patio furniture are
  • Ensure that you have proper lighting on the patio to keep bugs away.
  • Add plants and other decorations to have a lively feel in the room.


Have enough number of chairs or modern sofas. You can include a chaise, a hammock or for a more relaxing easy atmosphere.


Patios should have a lighter feel so avoid having your laptop or any office stuff in the area. Dress up your patio with the right modern patio furniture this summer! Check the latest from LA modern furniture store!


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