Modern White Sofa Set Upkeep

modern white sofa set

A luxurious modern white sofa set will give elegance and style to any home. Since it will be the centerpiece in your living room, it can get dirty or grimy easily and require regular cleaning. Maintaining the dainty clean look of a modern white sofa set can be challenging. Therefore, it is essential that you master the art of keeping it clean and fresh.

modern white couch

Modern White Sofa Set Cleaning Made Easier

You can start by testing out different techniques to avoid damaging the white sofa.

  • Vacuum

Vacuum the white sofa regularly to prevent accumulation of dust and dirt between the cushions and along the seams. Vacuum the sofa prior to starting any cleaning method. This will prevent the dust and dirt from spreading or scattering during the cleaning process. Use a lint roller to remove any hair, food crumbs and blanket fluff.

modern white sofa

  • Make a foam cleanser

Combine a half-cup of mild laundry detergent and a quarter cup of water in a small basin or bucket. Mix it with an electric mixer to have a foamy cleaning paste. Add a little powder if the mixture is too watery or water if it is too stiff. Not only will it clean and freshen the sofa, it will also remove any lingering dirt or dust.

luxurious modern white couch

Get a slightly damp soft clean rag. Dip it into the foamy mixture and dab it on the entire couch. Wash the rag and rinse the modern white couch in a dabbing motion. This will remove any remaining dirt and grime, as well as freshen the sofa.

white modern living room set

  • Use an upholstery cleaner

If you will be using an upholstery cleaner, read the label first to assess if it is safe to use for your white modern living room set. Do not apply it immediately even if you bought the right product. Apply a small amount of cleaner in the hidden area of the sofa to prevent any damage.

mid century white sofa set

Removing Stains or Spills on Mid Century White Sofa Set

 Mix baking soda and club soda to make a paste. This mixture is great in removing coffee and wine stains. Using a clean rag, dab the paste on the stain. You can also use a soft toothbrush but scrub the area gently to avoid ruining the fabric upholstery. Allow the white sofa set to dry then vacuum.

modern white sofa set

  • Mix a half solution of hydrogen peroxide and half water on a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the stain. Let it sit on the affected area for a few minutes. Get a clean cloth and let it absorb the solution. Do not rub to prevent the stain from spreading. If the stain was not completely removed, repeat the process until the white couch is clear of stain.

luxurious modern white couch

  • Use salt for freshly spilled red wine. Scrape it off afterwards. The stain should easily come off with this stain removing method. Vacuum the modern white sofa to remove any specks or stain.

modern white couch

  • Use cornstarch for oil or grease stain. Let it sit for 15 – 20 minutes then vacuum.

luxurious modern white couch

White Sofa Set Valuable Tips

Maintaining the cleanness and neatness of your white sofa set will be more successful if you remember the following tips.

  • Attend to spills or stains immediately. They are harder to remove if left untreated. Blot spills or stains; do not rub or scrub!
  • Use cold water when cleaning your modern white sofa. Use hot water ONLY if it is bloodstain or bodily fluid stains.
  • Repeat the process to get the results you wanted. Do not get infuriated when re-doing the process.
  • Do not use bleach to remove stains on a modern leather or fabric white couch. The bleach will only ruin the white sofa upholstery.

modern white sofa set

Once you know the proper cleaning techniques, keeping your elegant modern white sofa set looking new is not difficult. Incorporate a cool modern white sofa set into your modern living room now to give it an air of elegance and tranquility.

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