Overturn the Simplicity of a White Bedroom with Colors

The idea of having a white bedroom may be attractive to some, but not to everyone! Would you care to have a white bedroom?

A white bedroom may have several advantages. One of these is your room looks immaculate and neat, but it can also look boring. Break the monotony of a white bedroom by incorporating colors.

  • Add a dash of red. Incorporate red accents to brighten up a white modern bedroom. Use red linens, pillows, table lamps, and other furnishings. The luster of red will provide a pulsating contrast in your white bedroom.

  • Use patterns to put texture in the room. Accentuate bed skirts and throw pillows with black trimmings. Get a brown comforter and match that with a brown area rug at the foot of the bed. Look for a mirror with brown frame. Use varied patterns on duvets and pillows to add more texture. You can do the same for the table lamp and mirror frame.

  • Establish a fine contrast. If you have a traditional white bedroom, blend in light grey or brown to establish a fine contrast. Checkered patterns combined with tonal-streaked walls provides a neutral hue that is both comforting and graceful.

  • Add elegance. A white bedroom is stunning and timeless. To build more style, add a traditional dresser, chest or nightstand and a colorful patterned area rug. Pick patterned pillows to match the style and texture of your rug. This combination will offset the boring look of a white bedroom.

  • Opt for a Southern European style. A Southern European style works well with a white bedroom. To accomplish this, choose furnishing carefully and incorporate textures. Look for vintage décor and blend them with the current collection that you have. To have oodles of textures, make sure that bed linen, pillows, and furnishings have plenty of patterns.

  • French-style white bedroom. To achieve a French-style white bedroom theme, pick soft and inviting creamy colors. Choose decorations in darker shade to promote and elegant variance. Look for furniture pieces that feature French carved accents or use transitional furniture.

  • Go for wood furniture. Wood furniture will counterbalance the harsh look or empty feel of white.

  • Soft fabrics. Pick soft fabrics for your pillows, throws, and area rug. Add warmth and softness by choosing off-white colors.

  • Add a touch of nature. Hang family and friends’ photos in wooden frames. Bring in house plants. It will not only make the room look alive, but will also disinfect it. Hang wall décor in a blend of white and warm hues to add more life in your white bedroom.

  • Build a soft lighting design. To do this, use a table lamp instead of an overhead lamp. Scented candles will also promote a soft lighting effect as well as make the room smell nice.

  • Use curtains. Hang white of off-white curtains to enhance further the luxury of a white bedroom. Flimsy curtains are a good pick because of their subtler feel. Thick curtains, on the other hand, provide a warmer ambiance.

The simplicity of a white bedroom is easy to enrich and enhance by using the choosing and using the proper colors. If this is done, your modern bedroom will have a refined excitement without losing its soothing atmosphere.

Remember, the bedroom is a place for sleeping, where we recharge our tired bodies. Therefore, it should be as quiet and peaceful as can be. Regardless of the colors of the bedroom furniture, theme, and style, it should have the important modern bedroom furniture and should have a calming atmosphere that induces sleep.

A modern white bedroom should not stop you from achieving the style that you want. Pairing it with the proper colors and incorporating the appropriate decorations will help you to have a relaxing and elegant bedroom with a push!