Remove Liquid Marks on Your Wood Modern Furniture

Furniture builders apply a protective coating to protect wood furniture. Accidental spills, however, can still happen that leave unwanted marks or stains. If you see stains, liquid marks, or blemish on your stunning wood modern furniture, do not panic.

Determine the Extent of Damage

The color of the stains and liquid marks will give you a hint of the gravity of the damage. A white or light-colored stain means the damage is shallow. It will only infiltrate into the waxed or polished surface of the wood furniture. A dark-colored stain means water has infiltrated into the wood and requires more work.

Products You Can Use to Remove Liquid Stains and Marks

  • Oil Furniture Polish

Look for an oil wood polish. You can buy this in a hardware store. Some online furniture stores might have it, too. Petroleum jelly and mayonnaise are two other products that you can use for this purpose. Put a little amount of oil furniture polish on a clean soft cloth and apply it onto the stained surface. As soon as the stains or liquid marks disappear, apply paste wax. For stubborn marks or stains, apply a mixture of toothpaste and baking soda.

  • Toothpaste

Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on a clean moist cloth. Rub it on the liquid mark or stain until it disappears completely. The mild abrasive in the toothpaste helps in eliminating the liquid marks and stain. Apply paste wax if this works. If not, use a mild solvent.

Toothpaste and Baking Soda Mixture

This mixture is great for removing stubborn liquid marks and stains. Mix equal amounts of baking soda and toothpaste. Check the size of the stain before making the mixture. Half or a quarter of this mixture is sufficient to remove the marks. While the toothpaste and baking soda is a moderately stronger mixture, it is still a gentle abrasive so it will not damage your exquisite wood modern furniture. Put the mixture on a damp cloth. Using a little pressure, rub the mixture on the stained wood furniture surface. If the marks or stains have disappeared, apply paste wax. If the stains are persistent, apply a mild solvent.

  • Mild Solvent

Dip a soft cloth into a mild solvent, making sure you wring excess moisture. Rub this lightly on the stained area until it vanishes. You can use odorless paint thinner or mineral spirits. Remember to apply the solvent first on an unnoticeable area of your wood furniture, such as the leg area, the table top or the lower back area of the wood modern furniture.

  • Paste Wax

Put a thin coat of paste wax on a clean soft cloth. Putting a little pressure, apply this on the surface of your wood furniture that has liquid stains and marks. The pressure will give your elegant modern furniture a better, perennial finish. Let the paste wax to dry by leaving it on the wooden furniture surface for 30 minutes. Then, wipe the surface using a new soft, clean cloth until you have achieved a rich, smooth finish.

Do not panic should you see liquid stains on your elegant luxurious wood modern dining table or any wood modern furniture. Remember the products listed above and how to use them. Follow the instructions well to get the original patina of your wood modern furniture. You’ll be surprised as it seems like nothing happened.

Guidelines for Choosing the Correct Seating Height

Chairs are one of the essential furniture pieces crafted by man. A common sight in the dining room, chairs are not only useful at home but also in the office, libraries, shops, stores, and other establishments. We use them to watch TV, entertain friends, read, work, and in whatever as far as seating is concerned.

The most common element that we look for when buying a chair is the material. Design, style, comfort, and seat height. Among all these, the seat height is the most neglected although some consider it important.

Why is Seat Height Important?

 The seat height is important because it dictates your comfort when seating on it. Look at the inconvenience of having the wrong chair seat height.

  • you sit with crunched knees
  • your knees bang up against the underside of the table, countertop table or bar table
  • your seem

Lounge Chairs/Sofas

Lounge chairs are called such primarily to offer comfort. Thus, choosing their height is very subjective. The usual dimensions are approximately 17 to 18 inches, although some have lowly seats — 15 inches while others can be 20 inches high.

So what should seat height should you consider when planning to purchase a lounge chair or sofa?

  • Your feet should stay flat on the floor
  • Your knees should be at a 90-degree angle when seated
  • You can easily get up from it

Dining Chairs

It is necessary that you sit comfortably while having a meal. There should be adequate space between the chair and under the dining table. The standard height for most dining tables is 30 inches.  For this dining table height, you need a seat height ranging from 17-19 inches. Dining tables, however, have different heights. Some are taller while some are shorter, so you need a dining chair seat height appropriate to the table’s height.

Tip:  Make sure to have at least 10 to 11 inches of space between the seat and the underside of the table.

Bar Stools

Bar stools are the only seating furniture appropriate for bar tables. Bar stools are built specifically for these tables. However, choosing the height of the chair would still depend on the height of the bar table.

Bar stools are taller compared to dining chairs and counter stools because bar tables are generally taller. Their heights vary from 40 to 46 inches, which are the common stool heights.

Counter Stool

 Counter tables usually have a height of 34 to 39 inches. The standard dining chairs height will not work with this height of tables.

The buying tip for counter stools is very much the same as that of the bar stools. To get the suitable chair height for your counter top, get the distance from your floor to the top of the table. Measure it twice to make sure you get the correct distance. Subtract 10 inches from the height of the table. The difference will be the height of the chair that you need. By following this, you will have adequate space between the chair and the counter top, so you can sit comfortably even if you cross your legs or not.

Remember the above tips when you need to buy the most comfortable modern dining chairs or bar stools. It is always a good decision to check on the latest designs by visiting modern furniture stores online. To date, the web becomes useful when planning to purchase an item because you get to see the items of different furniture stores without having to leave home.

Understanding Modern Furniture Design

Mid-century modern furniture became popular during the mid-20th century. The artists and craftsmen of this furniture design idea that functionality and artistry.

This modern furniture design was the result of the artists’ and craftsmen idea of putting functionality and artistry together. The modern in this design sense refers to a specific aesthetic instead of being current.

The main objective of this design theme is to introduce a cleaner, simpler design using modern materials that are available thru technological processes.

Driven by the desire to use these new materials. They focused on the shape by producing furniture with a more artistic appeal yet is functional. For example, they created chairs from molded fiberglass or fitted lounge chairs with stainless steel legs. These designs captured the eyes and hearts of consumers. After World War II, homeowners with a more disposable income demanded these new fresh designs to furnish their new suburban homes.

What Defines Modern Furniture Design

 Sleek, straight lines with smooth, shiny surfaces are the features of modern furniture design. The emphasis is on simple geometric forms instead of ornate designs featured on traditional designs. Modern furniture designs aim to produce items that are clean devoid of intricacies, messy lines, and color schemes.

Compared to the heavy visual presentation of traditional furniture, modern furniture designs have a lighter visual appeal. The trademarks of modern furniture design are the use of modern materials such as exposed light woods, stainless steel, chrome, aluminum or nickel, plastic with clean, simple lines devoid of any intricate details.

The well-known designers of modern furniture designs include Charles and Ray Eames (husband and wife), Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Florence Knoll Basset, Arne Jacobsen, and Herman Miller. These designers were the leaders of the modernist movement during the 50s and 60s. From this group, we owe iconic furniture pieces such as the Barcelona chair, Tongue chair, and more exemplary items.

Milo Baughmann is another modern designer who renewed the look of classic styles. Working with furniture builders, Drexel and Henredon, they were able to bring these styles to the masses. Knoll, the company owned by Basset, still exists and continues to offer modern designs. Check out the vintage pieces created by any of the above designers if you like modern furniture designs. You can also find quality reproductions from online furniture stores.

Modern Design Furniture vs. Contemporary Design Furniture

Some people often mistook modern design furniture for contemporary design furniture.

Although modern and contemporary designs may have a few similarities, they are not identical or transposable.

Modern Furniture Design

Modern design furniture focuses on a specific time era taking on with the German Bauhaus and Scandinavian designs. It features:

  • Noticeable aesthetics
  • Angular
  • Clean, crisp lines
  • Warm neutrals
  • Balance

Contemporary Furniture Design

 Contemporary design changes constantly to display or demonstrate the popular styles of current day design. It features:

  • Minimalism, modernism, and other universal styles without emphasizing on a specific component
  • Restructured traditional look with a modest midcentury modern influence
  • Less artistic
  • Clean, curved, softer lines but more practical or functional and a few intricate detailing
  • Overstuffed with a softer look and feel

Incorporating sleek modern furniture design into your home is easy as you can buy it from online modern furniture stores. Check them out and watch my next post to have a better understanding of modern furniture design.

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