Accents to style your living place

Accent Chair

Lending a “hand” to style your home

Adding a sense of modern style art to your home is the perfect touch to bring your home to life. This unique hand shaped modern accent chair can be used as a focal point or a sculpture for your living space. It is hand made in Italy, upholstered in full genuine leather with a wood base. You have the options of silver, gold, or white.

One way that you style your living with this accent chair, is by arranging it with glass, wood, or marble furniture pieces. Surrounding it with these materials will help the accent chair come to life. It can be the organic shape in a room of straight edges. The Sosia chair is the decor that you are missing in your living room or office space, who knew a hand, would make such a difference? read more

Modern Accent Chairs for Enhanced Beauty at Home

Modern accent chairs are one way of impressing your guests. These chairs give you the opportunity to have variety, extra seating when needed, as well as provide your home interior a modern and sleek style.

The Need to Have Modern Accent Chairs at Home

Several homeowners are searching for unique ways to beautify their home interior. In answer to this, modern furniture Los Angeles offers the finest quality accent chairs at affordable prices. These chairs will give your home a stunning makeover with their variety of gorgeous styles and designs. read more

Black Leather Sofa Set: 5 Cleaning Tips

modern black leather sofa set

black leather sofa set is the best choice when buying a modern sofa. It is not only elegant, stylish, and awesome, the black color matches anything. Modern black leather sofa sets give you the opportunity to have a modern look or cool retro design theme.

Modern Black Leather Sofa Set Maintenance

A number of homeowners prefer leather upholstery. Even offices and hotels would want to have a contemporary black leather sofa in their reception area, lobby or lounge. This is because leather is simply beautiful and luxurious. A black leather sofa set is a piece of furniture that can dramatically change the look of any space. The question is:  how do you maintain its sleek look? read more

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