Add Interest to Your Home by Mixing Styles 

Most homes that are interesting and dynamic apply different styles. Too much mixing, however, can create an unhappy and confusing look. To be successful in mixing styles for your home interior, you need to have a common point to harmonize everything. Modern furniture websites practice this mixing style technique in presenting their products.

9 Easy Way to Mix Aesthetics

Give your home that visual appeal by following these 10 techniques.

  1. Color

A consistent color helps you get your wall décor work together so they look more interconnected. Let us say you want to have a new modern leather sectional sofa and want to retain that traditional armchair in your living room, pick a modern sofa sectional that has the same shade as the chair. The neutral colors black and white are perfect choices to have that consistent color harmony.

2. Keep an Eye on the Scale

The scale of your décors should be in the same dimension. Placing a large chair next to a wooden carved chair will make them look awkward. Black and white dining chairs will create disparity if matched with a black rectangular dining table. What matters is that the chairs are comfortable and to sit on by the user. Keep in mind that the same height and scale helps in making the combination look good.

  1. Find Harmony

Create harmony by picking items that have similar visual weight. You can still establish harmony although you have different items on either side of the bed.

  1. Distribute Appropriately

It will be overwhelming if half of your living room has modern mid-century furniture and a few traditional pieces. Having multiple styles will make it visually friendly, especially if the items were incorporated strategically.

  1. Pair the Furniture

Pair the furniture with the same style, color, or finish. Leaving the furniture alone makes it look lonely. Do not mix boxy chairs with rolled armed sofas or vice versa. Avoid matching shapes and lines.

  1. Use the Oddball as Accent Piece

Another method is to use that oddball as your accent piece and build the room around it.

  1. Pick a Unifying Pattern

Choose a concept or shape that you will use in the room to unify everything and prevent it looking scattered. You can choose a favorite chair or the lines of a couch and repeat that line or curve all over the room.

  1. Match the Mood

Avoid stuffy or formal furniture if you want the room to have a laid-back ambiance. Keep it casual with soft materials and simple lines. Combining mid-century styles with modern contemporary is welcoming and induce relaxation.

  1. Group Unlike Items

To do this, find a common denominator and group them together. You can group them by size, color, material, and texture to make it seem like it is a collection. This is easier to do with small items.

Sticking to a single style in any room is a traditional way of decorating it. With the entrance of modern ideas and lifestyles, people turned to looking for varied ways of making their home pleasant. This time it is not all about making your home attractive to your guests but it should be a reflection of you. Personality, tastes, and individual tastes are now part of a home interior design. Since not all people can spend a big amount doing this, mixing various styles arose to add interest in the interior o a home! Check out modern furniture NYC and you will see how it is done!

Let Your Console Table Stand Out

There are several simple ways to enliven your home interior. You can use light, accessories like a vase, painting, sculpture, mirror, and a rug. Many homeowners, though, use modern furniture for this purpose.

A console table is one of the furniture pieces that you can use to brighten your home. This piece of furniture brings life to any space as well as adds grace to an empty wall. Regardless of where you place a console table, it will still grab attention. Placed behind a modern sofa allows you to use the top for accent pieces. Alternatively, it becomes the focal point when placed in a corner and can serve you several purposes.

To let your console table stand out, you need to decorate it. When doing this, you need to consider two things:

  1. Your home décor theme. Decide and list the items to place on top of the accent table
  2. Where to place the table. Will it be in a hallway or foyer? If yes, decorate your accent table that will not cause traffic to day-to-day activities. If it is in the dining or living room, place a decorative item like candle burners, vase, sculpture, photos, etc.

Decorating a Console Table

  • Placement

Place your console table in a suitable area such as the hallway, foyer, living room, or in the dining room. This table looks better when placed against a wall. Some console tables are free standing so it does not require any screws, unlike a wall-leaning designed table. Choose a table with curved ends if you have children.

  • Add an Element of Charm

Hang a uniquely designed mirror or an eye-catching artwork above the table to get attention. Make sure to fully secure the wall décor and mount it properly.

You can also opt to place another décor item like a piece of sculpture, a vase, candle holder to make it look taller. Place these on either side of the painting or mirror

  • Raise the Bar

Place some tall items such as a candle stand or a figurine to give the table a feeling of height. Place the item on the either side of the artwork to balance out the whole setup.

  • Stack Up the Table.

Stack up the accent table with your favorite books and magazines. Add a couple of decorative boxes or baskets and place these under the table to hold items Avoid stacking the table top with too many items to prevent a cluttered look. If the console table has drawers and shelves, then use these to store items.

  • Decorate with Accent Pieces.

Show off some accent pieces on the top. Place small decorative brass plates to hold small items such as keys, pens, sticky pads, and even coins. Place a dazzling table lamp to complete the scenario.

The above tips will make your console table a sell-out attraction and will be the envy of your friends and guests.

If you already have a console table and it still looks good, start from there and follow the above suggestions. If it looks a little old, you can redesign it to look like an antique piece. Just make sure, though, that it is still in good condition. You can also have it repainted or revarnished.

All it takes is a little imagination to spark a new look in the interior of your home. There is literally no need to spend a big amount of money. Modern furniture Los Angeles offer home design ideas so you may want to check them out.

Contemporary Furniture for a Relaxing Ambiance

Anyone would love a home that offers a relaxing ambiance, particularly after a very hectic day. Some people may say this is impossible because their home is different. They do not have that budget to make their home as cozy as they want it to be.

How to customize space and make it inviting to everyone is one of the biggest difficulties. Luckily, your dream can come true with the popularity of contemporary furniture. While traditional furniture is still very visible and useful, contemporary furniture offers more benefits.

What Contemporary Furniture Offers

  • Enhance Space use

Homeowners want to maximize space in their home. Contemporary furniture makes this possible because of its smooth lines and clean angles. The designs of this style of furniture allow you to push the items against the wall or use corners to save on space. The smooth lines and the absence of odd angles make it easy to design your space around a single piece of furniture.

  • Variety of Construction Materials

Contemporary furniture is not limited to using wood. Other materials are used that make it less expensive. These include MDF, particleboard, plywood, fiber plastic, plastic, steel, aluminum leather, and fabric.

  • Fashionable

Stylish is the name of the game these days. It is visible in almost every magazine. Even manufacturers talk about it and flaunt it. Giving your home a contemporary look does not mean spending a huge amount for your interiors. It can be in the form of simple items like a contemporary coffee table or a contemporary rug or home accessories. Styles, like fashion, are fickle. They keep on changing and sometimes at a faster rate. Contemporary, on the other hand, is more stable. You can go for a contemporary look and keep it for several years. This gives you time to save for another re-decorating project for your home.

  • Ingenuity

Choosing contemporary furniture allows you to be ingenious. It challenges your imagination and creativity to come up with original, artistic, and even zany design ideas that other furniture manufacturers have missed. The unique geometrical shapes of contemporary furniture are attractive and interesting that makes it suitable for city living. You recognize the creator’s artistry each time you look at the lines, shapes, and materials used.

  • Reasonably Priced

Budget is a big consideration when buying furniture. The traditional pieces are definitely expensive because of the materials used and the intricate designs. Since the materials used for building contemporary furniture are cheaper, the finished product is also cheaper. This does not mean, however, that quality is poor. The materials may be cheaper compared to real or hard woods and authentic leather, but they are still of high- quality.

Finding the Best Contemporary Furniture

If you are looking for contemporary furniture sofa, your best source is the Net, where there are many online furniture stores. Be specific when you make a search — contemporary furniture living room sets, contemporary bedroom sets, contemporary dining chair, and so on.

Pick at least six to five of these. Check these furniture online stores and decrease the number to three. From there, make comparisons by checking the design and style, available colors, dimension, and of course, the price. Read the product description and look at the item closely. Most of these stores allow you to view the furniture in different angles; some even include the measurements of the sofa back, arms, height, and seat width.

Read reviews, check the furniture store’s star rating, read their delivery, warranty, and return policies. Contemporary furniture Houston has their live chat so you can easily get answers to your questions and set an appointment to see the furniture “in person”. Yes, it is possible to achieve a relaxing home ambiance.

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