The History of Italian Furniture

It was in the 15th century when a great deal of consciousness arose in Italy on sculpture, painting, old-fashioned architecture and other forms of delicate arts. In the middle of 1400 and 1650, the rebirth of distinction occurred primarily in Florence and widened in the whole of Rome and Italy. These changes have made a mark in Italian architecture which in turn influenced the now popular Italian furniture.

Italian furniture boasts of designs that are striking, flamboyant, and impressive. Some of its designs are taken from the drawings of conventional Roman architecture and sculpture. The antique decorations were invigorated by the medieval influence which came in the form of acanthus scrolls, shells, dolphins, and other decorations. Intarsia motif and marquetry mirrored interlaced geometrical designs.

The modern lifestyle has altered furniture designs that comprise of Italian conventional furniture and the modern Baroque and Rococo style. However, the architecture and the concept were retained.

Italian furniture has put together marble and iron works that features intrinsic outlines, clean surface and a well-constructed framework. The conventional Italian furniture is an advantage to a big family. Modern Italian furniture has adjusted with the modern times to be able to fit any size of and type of home. They are now smaller in size and form.

Italy is known to provide the most superior furniture. It tunes in to your individual style because of its chic look. Likewise, it can be modified so it can fit the embellishments of your home. Keeping up to its name of pre-eminence, Italian furniture assures you of durability and stability. There will always be an Italian furniture to suit your home and lifestyle, whether you go for the modern Italian furniture or the traditional one. Even up to the present times, Italian furniture has never lost its reputation.

The cost is not much of a concern as it is not priced as high as you think it would despite its incomparable designs and excellent built. So if you want some arresting and posh furniture, go Italian. It is a choice that you will be proud of.

How to Spot a Good Online Furniture Store

You may find that buying furniture online is easy as you do not have to go from one store to another. All you have to do is click the site and you will see the fixtures you wanted. But how do you know that the site you found sells quality furniture. I have listed some tips to help you out in your search.

There are 3 components that you need to evaluate. The characteristics, design and price. Online stores provide a range of options. Some may be selling it at a higher price whereas it is not for the others. Some are selling the same furniture you wanted at a discounted price. To evaluate their design, characteristics and price, choose at least 3- stores and compare them. Be very tactful in your evaluation so you can come up with a good decision.

Some online furniture stores have the option of made-to-order fixtures. It does happen that we may have found the style that we wanted but the dimension will not fit the place where we want it to be. There are online furniture stores that offer this option. Families who live in abodes with small areas such as apartments or condominiums can get a nice deal getting customized furniture. Do not take the risk of buying the furniture you like even if you are not sure if it will fit your space.

The additional cost for shipping and delivery time is of importance as well. Make sure that what was written on the site will be carried as promised. You can verity if the online furniture stores are true to their word by checking on customers’ reviews. If you got a lot of satisfied customers with regards these two factors, then you are lucky for finding a good store.

Return policy procedure is another thing that you need to check. It will be difficult if you will not include this. Accidents happen during delivery and you would not want to end up with furniture that has been scratched or damaged during the delivery and not be able to exchange it for a new one.

Do not get easily swayed by the design and style, take all the considerations mentioned above. It is always a good thing to see the value of your money in anything that you bought.

How To Protect Your Sofa from Pets

Almost any home has pets. Pets have become man’s important ally. Just like friends, pets give us company and unreserved love. But these pets can create damage to our furniture. Their fur sheds in a certain time of the year and they love to scratch and gnaw. No matter how much we have trained them, they can still create chaos. Following are a few tricks on how to keep our sofas from our pets.

Train Pets to Keep Away from the Furniture

Do this while they are still young. Train your pets that they are off limits on the sofa. This will be successful if you will provide them with a cozy place or bed to sleep on or cuddle.

Explicitly made to envelop the seat, arms and back of sofas, pet throws will help you to safeguard your furniture from your pets. They come in different styles and colors. The quilted pet throws that permits your pets to crouch beside you on the couch. Washing is easy as you can wash them in the washer.

Give Your Pets Toys to Play With

When boredom seeps in, pets tend to gnaw the furniture. Therefore, keep them busy and happy by providing them toys. A scratching post will be a good thing for cats so they will not scratch the furniture.

The Spray Repellents

This can be bought from the nearest pet store and are packed in aerosol tins to drive your pets away. Mix water with citrus or mint and you have your homemade aerosol.

Manage Your Pets

Only let your pet to lie on the sofa if you are there or someone is there. Use your child’s gate. But if you have a problem disciplining your pet, then the only best thing to do is to have them outside your home.

Spruce Up Your Pet

Bathe them regularly and use aromatic sprays if they are still smelly. Brush their fur and trim their nails to stop them from tearing your couch. If your pet still has a pet odor after a bath, try using some of the fragrant sprays made especially for pets. Brushing your pets coat on a daily basis will keep a lot of hair out of your home and off your furniture. And, be sure to keep your pets nails trimmed and filed so they won’t be ripping your sofa to shreds.

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