The 402 Modern Chic Purple Platform Bed

Contemporary but characteristically elegant and sophisticated furniture are what LA Furniture Store presents to perceptive people.  The assortment of Italian and European enthused furniture which they sell is actually created by famous Italian designers.

Buying a bed needs close scrutiny.  You need to ensure that your bed will provide you the comfort that you need.  You do not want to end up with a sore back upon waking up, do you?  Another thing that you need to look for in buying a bed is maintenance as this is essential to keep it in a superb shape. read more

T132 Sofa — Elegance and Comfort in One

T132 Sofa

The living room is the first thing that grabs a lasting impression in your house. And what furniture gives a good impression in your living room than an excellent sofa? There are countless styles to choose from, all promoting great quality and comfort. But what makes T132 sofa better than the rest?

The T132 sofa gives an elegant atmosphere in most contemporary living rooms. Its black and white combination creates balance of colors, thus making this furniture a magnificent décor as well. Equipped with functional necessities for the modern man, this sofa gives you the comfort and style you’ll need in contemporary furniture. This sofa has a built-in light located below the arm rest to add a subtle glow to its surroundings, storage compartment for books and other materials, adjustable headrests suited for semi-laying positions and real front leather covering and high quality leather match on the back to counter wear and tear of everyday use. read more

Style and Comfort with Palazzo White Leatherette Round Platform Bed

Palazzo White Leatherette Round Platform Bed

Traditional beds might be outdated now with its better and more comfortable modernized counterparts. When you’re banking on bedroom furniture, it’s important to look for comfort and space. Traditional beds are irrelevantly big despite its comfort. Enter Palazzo white leatherette round platform bed to make your bedroom a comfort zone — for good!

Modern platform beds are more appealing to consumers than the usual box spring beds. The reason is that these beds are built on a slat system that supports only the mattress. Platform bed designs are usually made with a space beneath the bed with a height similar or a slightly lower than traditional beds. With this in mind, the market is filled with various platform beds with all its fancy features — the reason why Palazzo white leatherette round platform bed stands out from the rest. read more

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