Envision this Economical and Modern Queen Cherry Bed Set as Your Own…

Looking to redecorate but don’t have a huge budget? This modern queen bed set in cherry appeals to the eye as well as the wallet! It’s economical, yet durable, and the sleek, simple unisex design makes it a perfect choice for any bedroom.

To begin with, this bed is a practical choice as it is low-set for ease of getting in and out. The harmonious headboard and mirror design creates continuity and an open feeling in the room, yet it’s bold enough for a larger room as well. Make sure to purchase the matching nightstands as they are the perfect height to accommodate whatever accessories you may need or already have.

Don’t forget the corresponding dresser as it is a must-have in this ensemble! The drawers are spacious and compact so you won’t be battling pulling out heavy drawers too full for their capacity. Furthermore, the handles are easy to grip and to see; you won’t be grappling around in a dimly lit room at night trying to find them. Cleaning and dusting this set is a cinch as well as the uncomplicated design doesn’t come with any hard to reach spots whatsoever! In addition to the chest, there is a TV chest available; even if you have a flat screen, you can use this specialized TV chest for your electronic accessories or DVD’s to keep the area looking neat and clean.

As you can see, the neutral color is current, yet timeless, and allows you the freedom to choose from many different style and color schemes when shopping for accessories; actually, you can update your comforter, room and wall décor, or you can use what you already have! In addition, you will notice that you can toss the bed skirt if you’d like; the modern design eliminates the need for it entirely! No more straightening and stretching on your knees to get it looking just right!

This set is modern, yet still maintains a traditional feel which is warm and inviting. It is a classic set which will last through many years of design trends; take care of it and it will last you a lifetime. See more at our furniture store.

Pacific Green, Environmentally Friendly Masterpieces

Pacific Green, one of the unique collections featured at LA Furniture Store, is a dramatic, glamourous way to do your part in reversing ecological change. Inspired by ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians and Zulus, Pacific Green incorporates the simple ideals of their muses of working along with your environment, with admiration and appreciation, into every one of the pieces in their modern collection. Each chair, table and lounge, is a work of art, mimicking the techniques used by early artisans, using all parts of the Coconut Palm ‘the Tree of Life.’

Coconut palms are the practical, ecologically-sound substitute to tropical hardwoods Pacific Green discovered when searching for an answer to the threat of deforestation. Palmwood®, Pacific Green’s finished exotic hardwood product derived from the coconut palm, proves to withstand both wet and dry climates and is also impervious to wood-boring insects, making it acceptable for both indoor and outdoor applications. One other notable quality of palm wood is that its beautiful golden sheen is free of blemishes and knots typically found in other hardwoods.

With inspirational showpieces, like the Navajo Modern Arm Chair or the Luxor Modern Lounge Chair, Pacific Green does a fantastic job of highlighting the exotic locales and traditional handcrafting of the indigenous people of the South Pacific, the origin of both the Coconut Palm and Pacific Green’s striking design, and beyond.

Italian Design at Realistic Prices

LA Furniture’s often overlooked gems are the exceptionally-made Italian designs, which are high-end concepts at reasonable prices. The products from our featured companies, such as SMA Mobili Spa, Camelgroup, Dima Salotti, Calligaris, and Rossetto are the real thing – made and imported from Italy. Come to our showroom to experience the fine Italian design and quality manufacturing first-hand.

SMA, combining the latest technologies and best materials with the skill of the top Italian craftsman and designers, is able to produce high quality furniture while maintaining a mid-range price. Our store features the cream of the crop of their bed sets, which are in stock and able to deliver to you right away. If the configurations we stock are not quite what you are looking for, we can special order anything for you straight from the factory in Italy; SMA pieces are all highly customizable.

For those who prefer more traditional styles, Camelgroup has the perfect pieces for you. Their Italian classic bedroom sets, dining sets and sofas are here for you to witness the high-quality construction and materials that make Camelgroup one of the most reputable manufacturers among major furniture dealers world-wide.

A collection of DIMA’s contemporary sofa sets and sectionals are on display; these luxurious pieces are made with full-grain Italian leather. Anyone experienced in leathers can see and feel the difference of full-grain, which refers to the upper section of a hide – the most durable and natural portion. Buying a piece of furniture using full-grain leather means you are buying a piece of furniture that will be long-lasting, making the higher price tag well worth the investment, especially which the deals LA Furniture offers!

Calligaris and Rossetto, both of which are greatly sought after here in the US and around the world, have a reputation for their immaculate design and extraordinary craftsmanship. For those trend setters out there, check out the fantastic specials LA Furniture Store has to offer from these popular lines.

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