Italian Design at Realistic Prices

LA Furniture’s often overlooked gems are the exceptionally-made Italian designs, which are high-end concepts at reasonable prices. The products from our featured companies, such as SMA Mobili Spa, Camelgroup, Dima Salotti, Calligaris, and Rossetto are the real thing – made and imported from Italy. Come to our showroom to experience the fine Italian design and quality manufacturing first-hand.

SMA, combining the latest technologies and best materials with the skill of the top Italian craftsman and designers, is able to produce high quality furniture while maintaining a mid-range price. Our store features the cream of the crop of their bed sets, which are in stock and able to deliver to you right away. If the configurations we stock are not quite what you are looking for, we can special order anything for you straight from the factory in Italy; SMA pieces are all highly customizable.

For those who prefer more traditional styles, Camelgroup has the perfect pieces for you. Their Italian classic bedroom sets, dining sets and sofas are here for you to witness the high-quality construction and materials that make Camelgroup one of the most reputable manufacturers among major furniture dealers world-wide.

A collection of DIMA’s contemporary sofa sets and sectionals are on display; these luxurious pieces are made with full-grain Italian leather. Anyone experienced in leathers can see and feel the difference of full-grain, which refers to the upper section of a hide – the most durable and natural portion. Buying a piece of furniture using full-grain leather means you are buying a piece of furniture that will be long-lasting, making the higher price tag well worth the investment, especially which the deals LA Furniture offers!

Calligaris and Rossetto, both of which are greatly sought after here in the US and around the world, have a reputation for their immaculate design and extraordinary craftsmanship. For those trend setters out there, check out the fantastic specials LA Furniture Store has to offer from these popular lines.

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas!

Time to get your home in the holiday spirit with a bevy of ultra-modern white pieces!

Decorating around a theme has been a popular way to decorate for ages. And white, being a neutral color, will highlight and coordinate with all your festive décor. Add some bright red throw pillows and a fuzzy fleece throw to a white sofa along side your trimmed tree, and your living room is transformed into the winter wonderland you have always dreamed of. After the holidays are over, you can easily switch out the pillows for a different color to create a whole new feel in the room.

Adding a fresh garland of pine and bright red velvet bow above your new white leather bed will be a special touch for guests to their bedroom. Again, a switch of bedding to the holiday colors of your choice is an easy way to add a celebratory flair.

Impress at your dinner party by putting your holiday dishware atop a white extendable dining table. Add some decorative candles inside of small wreaths to create a tablescape no one will forget. Lovely, even without a tablecloth, and easy to clean too! Everyone will delight at your collection of goodies, accented by the luminous and clean-lined white tabletop below it. Tying a generous ribbon, beads or garland at the back of these chairs is a simple way to add a special touch.

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