Envision this Economical and Modern Queen Cherry Bed Set as Your Own…

Looking to redecorate but don’t have a huge budget? This modern queen bed set in cherry appeals to the eye as well as the wallet! It’s economical, yet durable, and the sleek, simple unisex design makes it a perfect choice for any bedroom.

To begin with, this bed is a practical choice as it is low-set for ease of getting in and out. The harmonious headboard and mirror design creates continuity and an open feeling in the room, yet it’s bold enough for a larger room as well. Make sure to purchase the matching nightstands as they are the perfect height to accommodate whatever accessories you may need or already have. read more

Pacific Green, Environmentally Friendly Masterpieces

Pacific Green, one of the unique collections featured at LA Furniture Store, is a dramatic, glamourous way to do your part in reversing ecological change. Inspired by ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians and Zulus, Pacific Green incorporates the simple ideals of their muses of working along with your environment, with admiration and appreciation, into every one of the pieces in their modern collection. Each chair, table and lounge, is a work of art, mimicking the techniques used by early artisans, using all parts of the Coconut Palm ‘the Tree of Life.’ read more

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