Put a New Twist on Breakfast with Modern Bar Stools


Modern home designing has deviated from the usual by introducing a more relaxing feel. So how do you put a new twist for your breakfast? Aside from cooking a good breakfast meal with coffee or tea, having a cozy breakfast nook will make weekend mornings different and comfier. It would be a nice place where your family could spend 30 minutes enjoying good mornings, talking about things that happened for the past days, as well as plan out things for the coming days.


Cut out the routine of eating breakfast on your dining table. If you have a kitchen island, then there’s no need to set up a breakfast nook. If you don’t, a counter that is located between the living room and dining room/kitchen can serve that purpose. Another option is to have a bar table near the dining room window or build a foldable table near the window or set it up in the patio.


The Bar Stool Height. Don’t just order any bar stools. You need to measure the counter first. Kitchen counters have different heights. It would be different if you construct a foldable table near the window.


The bar stools’ height should be appropriate for the counter’s height. A too high bar stool will make you to lean over the counter while a too low bar stool would make it difficult to eat. Choosing stools with adjustable height is suggested for adaptability, making it ideal to use by both tall and short persons.


The Material

Modern bar stools are made of various materials so they are available in different colors. Wood and chrome are the most popular bar stool materials. Some are upholstered in leather or in fabric. There is also the option of finished or unfinished wood. Other materials include polyurethane, fiber plastic, and more.


If your dining room has a traditional theme, then go for unfinished wood. This will complement your theme. Remember, though, that unfinished wood needs extra care compared to wood or chrome.


For a modern home, the modern bar stools are for you. These bar stools speak about the modern lifestyle of the young that even the not-so-young will appreciate. Modern bar stools are made with such flair that allow the user to sit comfortably. They feature upholstered seats, backs and arms, have adjustable height, and are capable of turning into a 360-degree rotation. They easily fit in, regardless of the kind of furniture that you have. This is because modern furniture is designed with simplicity and directness, with the purpose to serve and to be very functional.


Although modern bar stools are made with different materials, they are also made of a combination of materials. So it is not surprising to see bar stools upholstered in leather or fabric with chrome legs or stainless steel base. You can also find modern bar stool in finished wood with leather upholstery and stainless steel base.


The use of modern bar stools to create a relaxing breakfast nook can make a big difference to your weekends. Breakfast is an essential meal. Without taking breakfast, things can go awry no matter how much you want it to be. Having a small, intimate breakfast area would certainly be a welcome change for busy mornings!

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