All About Sectional Sofas that You Need to Know

It was not until the Victorian era that the sectional sofa came into the furniture scene. Made of the same materials used in other seating furniture, it comes with two or more sofa chairs and a sofa that becomes one huge and longer sofa when put together. Sectional sofas do not have corner pieces at that time.

With the help of mid-century contemporary designers, sectional sofas went through a huge makeover in the 1950s that change the image of sectional sofas. It emerged with a smooth, low profile design with bold geometric shapes that emphasized an organized style. By the end of the 20th century, sectionals emerged with a more refined look. 

Basic Types of Sectional Sofas

  • L-shaped Sectional Couch. This standard sectional shape may consist of one love seat or a 3-seater sofa and another sofa placed near each other to form an L-shape. It is perfect in your living room for entertainment and relaxing purposes, family get-together, watching TV and more.

  • Modern Sectional Sofa with Chaise. This shape is ideal if you live in a small space but have a big household. The chaise is featured on one end so people can see each other’s faces while seated. Some designs allow you to move the chaise on either side to suit your preference.

  • U-shaped Sectional Couches. The U-shape sectional couch allows a face-to-face encounter, making it ideal for conversations. It may seem like having three right-angled sofas. It may feature a single sofa and two chaises on both ends, or an L-shaped sectional and a chaise on one end.

  • Curved Sectional Couches. The curved sectional couches can be semi-circle or an ‘S’ form. It is an ultra-modern shape and is safe with kids and pets because it lacks sharp corners.

Designs of Modern Sectional Sofas

  • Fixed Sectionals. The fixed sectional sofas come in different configurations. These may have no mobile components and add-on features, too.

  • Reclining Sectionals. The reclining sectionals feature one or two recliners.

  • Modular Sectionals. The modular sectionals consist of individual pieces that you can arrange depending on your taste, preference, and layout. The most versatile sectional sofa design, you can create several arrangements as you wish or place other pieces in another room.

Parts of Modern Sectional Couches

Sectional sofa consists of two or more components that you can configure in several ways.

  • The Sofa. This may accommodate two, three, or even four persons. It has the same number of seat and back cushions. It may have two arms or a single arm that can be left arm facing (LAF) or right arm facing (RAF).
  • Sofa Chair. The sofa chair that looks like a regular sofa chair in a sofa set. It may be armless or with arms or an LAF/RAF configuration.
  • Love at, of course, is intended for two persons. It may be the standard loveseat with two arms on each side or an RAF/LAF configuration.
  • The recliner can be part of the sofa or a reclining sofa chair. If part of the sofa, it can be on either side and has a single arm (LAF or RAF).
  • Square Corner. The square corner component of a sectional sofa makes it possible for you to place it in a corner. Featuring a 90-degree angle, it is armless and occupies less space.
  • Round Corner Wedge. Like the square corner component, it allows you to place the sectional in a corner. It features a 90-degree angle (with some featuring wider angles) and is armless.

Add-on Features of Modern Sectionals

  • Adjustable Headrests. The headrests may be rectangular or log-shaped. A stainless steel rod supports them. You pull it up to bring it out and push it down to its original position. With some designs, you only have to flip the headrest up and flip it down.

  • Drop Down Table with Cup Holders. Some sectional couches feature a fold down back cushion that you can use as a table and features cup holders. This is normally in the mid cushion area of the sofa.

  • Console Armrest. The console armrest functions as an armrest and storage space. It can be an open shelf or drawer.

  • Ambient Light. The ambient light feature is usually a common feature with sectionals with chaise. Found on the bottom front edge of the chaise component, it gives your living room a warm, soft feel.

Although sectional sofas are huge furniture pieces, you can find designs that fit small spaces. Modern furniture Los Angeles understands the need for medium sized sectionals. Check this online modern furniture store for more versatile designs of sectional modern sofas.