Selecting a Bar Stool Tips

The furniture market offers you a big selection of bar stools, some of which are cheap and quite expensive. Looking for the appropriate bar stool for your home may be easy or not easy. To make your selection easier, you need to identify the area where you want to place your bar stools as well as the purpose for buying them. For instance, do you intend to use in it your kitchen, living room, or patio? Or would like to use it at your kitchen island or at your mini bar?

Your response to the above questions will be your determining factor on selecting the bar stool that will serve your purpose correctly. A wrong answer will naturally lead you to buy the wrong bar stool.

Bar stools have existed for many years and has made a big reappearance in the United States in the 50s. Since then, the function of bar stools has been modified. They have become a centerpiece in any room – functioning as seating furniture in the kitchen, bar and extra seating in the living room for guests.

Bar stools come in various styles, designs, colors, fabrics, materials and heights. They can be paired off with any kind of modern furniture, furnishings and decorations in any room. The materials used vary from wood, metal, iron, leather, acrylic, or a combination of any of these two materials. The styles of bar stools range from being modern, contemporary, rustic, traditional, European or retroactive.

Unlike the traditional bar stools, modern bar stools have additional features that made it even more serviceable and useful. When selecting a bar stool, you must also take into account the following features:

Backrests. The presence of a backrest will offer extra comfort for you and your guests when seated for a long period of time.

Armrests. This feature will give any person sitting on the bar stool to relax his arms.

Footrests. Like the armrests, the footrests will give anyone to rest or relax his feet.

Swivel. This feature will make anyone to get off the bar stool easily. It will likewise be easier for the person to turn around without hurting his neck so he can the people around him even if he is engaged in a conversation.

All of the above features offer an extra level of comfort-ability to you and your guests whether you decide to place it in your kitchen, patio, bar or living room.

Your bar stools’ height must also be given much thought. It must not be too high or too low if you are to use it at your kitchen island or bar. There must also be enough space between them. This is, however, not necessary if it will be used for extra seating particularly if it has a lever where you can adjust its height.

Bar stools are available in the following heights:

• Short stool height measures 8 – 23 inches
• Counter stool height is 24 – 27 inches
• Bar stool height must be 28 – 32 inches
• Extra tall stool height is 33 – 46 inches

You can also find bar stools that have custom height and those with lever, where you can adjust its height.

Modern bar stools are just of the few pieces of furniture that were given a new appeal. Give your home a new touch by incorporating bar stools for additional seating.

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