Sofa Back Height Choosing Tips

To have the ideal sofa with the appropriate sofa back height, you need to know about sofa measurements. A sofa measurement includes the sofa height, depth, and back height. The back pitch height of the sofa is important, too. Here are tips to make sure you pick the perfect sofa back height for your new modern couch.

Sofa Back Heights

  • Low-backed Sofa

The low-backed sofas are more sophisticated and modern. They give the impression of having more space even if the room is smaller than normal. A low-backed sofa can your ceiling look higher even it is it only 8 feet higher or lower.

Low-backed sofas allow you to touch the floor so they provide the utmost level of comfort. This makes them great for shorter adults and elderly people. It also allows you to get up easily as your knees are at a 90-degree angle when seated.

  • High-backed Sofas

The high-backed sofas are best for overweight individuals. Compared to an average weight person, an overweight person sit lower to the ground and puts more pressure on the seat cushions. Therefore, it is important to check on the angle of the back and seat depth.

The sofa height is important for taller persons so they can bend their knees at a comfortable angle. Shorter persons may find high-backed sofas good for sleeping than sitting.

Designers recommend high-backed sofas for homes with high ceilings, as they let you use the sofa as an accent piece in the room.

What to Consider when Choosing the Sofa Height

  • Determine who the tallest person in the family is.

 If you are the tallest. Choose a modern sofa with a high back to have adequate back support. On the other hand, pick an average back height and seat depth if you are on the petite size.

The sofa back height should be approximately 12 to 16 inches higher than the seat. This height will support your lower back adequately without endangering your shoulders.

  • Your comfort.

 Keep in mind that the most crucial thing to consider when choosing a modern couch is your own comfort. Select a sofa that supports your back adequately if you will be using the sofa. Do not be too passionate about choosing a modern sofa that matches the height of the other modern living room furniture. There isn’t such a rule, anyway. Experiment by mixing and matching to attain the perfect height balance of your modern furniture pieces in the living room.

  • Measure!

Remember to get the dimensions. The back height is important for the sofa style and comfort level, but the dimensions are, too! The seat depth accounts for the comfort factor. A too deep seat height will be very uncomfortable. Choose a smaller seat depth if you have more entertaining to do so your guests can sit and stand comfortably without hurting their backs, knees, legs, and hips.

  • Use Throw Pillows

If the sofa dimensions are an issue, use throw pillows. Throw pillows are not just great accessories but also give your guests adequate back support.

  • Adjustable Headrests.

Modern sofas feature adjustable headrests that offer good head support. You may choose this feature if you want a more improved function. Sofa headrests may be rectangular or log-shaped.

One piece of advice, place sofas with low back in front of a window so you can see the view outside. Of course, you do not need the tall back sofa in front of a window!

The back height can have a big impact on the comfort level of a sofa, as well as how it looks n your living space. A low back will not allow you to rest your head behind while watching TV or a movie. A too high back can overpower the room.

When buying a sofa, always remember the comfort metrics, which is ABCS (A-arm height, B-back height, C-cushion fill, and S-seat depth. Follow the above tips and you’re safe!