Space Planning and Design Basics

Designing your own personal living space does not require much skill as most think. I believe that everyone and anyone is capable of creating the perfect space.

Attention to detail gives each project a distinguished ambiance that embraces the lifestyle and personality of the client. Space planning is the first step to design. Every family and home is different, therefore the design of the space should reflect on both personality and style.

Begin by creating a floor plan on a small scale, as intimidating as this may sound it will make this much easier when you start picking out furniture pieces for the space. Starting with a floor plan is important because I have seen so many make a purchase of furniture pieces and once the furniture is placed in the room, they realize it just was not for the space.

You need to set a floor plan based on your needs not wants. For example, if your family members do not dine together because of the different time schedule you do not need a large dining area. You might want to consider having a kitchen with space enough for a small table, or a kitchen with a counter bar. It is not a good idea to fill up the room with furniture pieces you will not be using, especially when you are limited in space.

After your floor plan is completed and you have decided what is needed for you, next comes the fun part, Design. Start by looking around to see what inspires you, remember, anything can inspire you, it can be a painting, an object, music, or maybe it’s another space you have seen. Start creating your own design around these inspirations, by doing this you will find to love your living space, it is important that your home really feels like home to you. Home design is Art, given a space to design is given a white canvas to paint.

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