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Put a New Twist on Breakfast with Modern Bar Stools


Modern home designing has deviated from the usual by introducing a more relaxing feel. So how do you put a new twist for your breakfast? Aside from cooking a good breakfast meal with coffee or tea, having a cozy breakfast nook will make weekend mornings different and comfier. It would be a nice place where your family could spend 30 minutes enjoying good mornings, talking about things that happened for the past days, as well as plan out things for the coming days.

Cut out the routine of eating breakfast on your dining table. If you have a kitchen island, then there’s no need to set up a breakfast nook. If you don’t, a counter that is located between the living room and dining room/kitchen can serve that purpose. Another option is to have a bar table near the dining room window or build a foldable table near the window or set it up in the patio. read more

Modern Bar Stools a New Way to Add Zing to Your Seating Needs


The first time I got invited by a friend to a bar was my first time to sit on a bar stool. It may sound weird and funny to you, but it was one of the delightful experiences I had. The bar stool was comfortable enough as it fits my bottom snugly. It has armrests and a backrest that allowed me to sit cozily on it. I super love the leg rest and most of all, I can adjust the height and swivel it to my heart’s content. My friend was all smiles at me, seeing how I enjoyed sitting on the bar stool. That experience made me thought of buying bar stools for my home. Why not? This piece of furniture was, after all, convenient and a good item for the home. They are very useful and can fit in any area of the home, particularly with the way modern furniture has redesigned their look. Here are some good ideas on where to have bar stools in your home.In the Kitchen read more

A Closer Look at the Materials Used for Contemporary and Modern Bar Stools  

acrylic white stools

 The modern bar stools have conquered most modern homes. Yes, this piece of furniture is no longer confined in bars, as they can now be seen in modern homes. Bar stools are now classified as occasional seating furniture that can be seen in the living room, kitchen, patio, garden or in the gaming room in some contemporary modern homes.

The Contemporary and Modern Bar Stools

To reinvent the look of bar stools, modern furniture manufacturers have used new materials to incorporate versatility in its use. Some use a mixture of the new and old materials used in creating stools, giving it a more contemporary look. read more