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Different Bedroom Themes for a Black and White Bedroom


The monochromatic color palette theme has never lost its appeal. It was seen in various art deco-inspired design themes to the 1960s modern trends to the 1990s minimalist themes up to this day. The interesting thing about a black and white color theme is its timeless quality.

Picking a black and white color theme for the bedroom may not look and sound interesting to many. Some think having the color black in the bedroom is morbid, while white is not a common choice because it is a high maintenance color. Combining these two neutral colors in designing a bedroom could be quite a challenge so as to make the room look luxurious and stunning instead of having a gloomy feel. This color theme offers an unlimited number of looks, depending on your choice of furniture, accessories, furnishings, as well as lighting. read more

How to Turn a Room into a Multifunctional Bedroom


Some people are lucky to live in a big house that has plenty of rooms. They even have a spare bedroom/s for overnight guests, but this does not mean you cannot accommodate friends for the night if you do not have a guest room. You can always create a multipurpose room that you can use and for occasional guests.

Here are a few tips to having a functional room that is also inviting and relaxing.

A Sofa Bed. Sofa beds can serve as seating furniture and a bed, depending on the need. Modern sofa beds are even more functional. Some feature end tables with storage near the armrest like the Risto Modern Sectional Sofa Bed, where it has everything you or your guest would need. A sofa to sit on, a bed to sleep on, an end table to put cups or glasses and storage for other items, such as books or magazines. read more

Create a Celebrity Worthy Bedroom

jennifer aniston

Whether you are an interior designer or are a design enthusiast, it is almost certain that you have read a home design magazine and admired the feature celebrity bedroom. Or, you may have watched a movie and have fallen in love instantly with one of the characters’ bedrooms. What caught your eye is definitely remarkable, which could be a unique bed, an incredible décor piece or maybe a bold wall color! Most people think that only celebrities and the affluent can afford such a gorgeous bedroom. This is a wrong notion, as you can enjoy having a plush and posh bedroom similar to that of celebrities. read more